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    Re: Cavities - need some encouragement

    He is 2 1/2. He still nurses quite a bit though, and especially if he is going through something like that where he would need conforted. I still nurse him to sleep and at naps. I honestly don't...
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    Cavities - need some encouragement

    So the dentist pretty much blamed my sons cavities on breastfeeding. Just wondering if anyone else had had to have their child's cavities fixed at a young age, and how they handled it? I am really...
  3. Re: Menstruation - Once its back is that it?

    Thanks for your reply Mommal. Thanks kind of what I was thinking, but it' been nice not suffering with migraines every month! I was being treated for migraines before I got pregnant (MRIs,...
  4. Menstruation - Once its back is that it?

    I am nursing a 27 month old. I just started getting my cycle back this month - but don't really want it back. I know this is kind of the upper range of getting your cycle back, so I guess I've been...
  5. Should I wean before my child remembers?

    My husband thinks it will be detrimental if our son remembers nursing and would like me to wean him before then. I don't know anyone who remembers nursing, so I really don't know if they have...
  6. Does BFing cause tooth decay? How to find pro-BFing dentist?

    A friend told me her dentist said that hers daughter's cavities are the result of her nursing at night. I thought more recent info showed that this is usually caused from something besides nursing. ...
  7. Re: Having a hard time and feeling like a terrible mom

    Being a mom can definitely be overwhelming, especially if you don't have a lot of support. And it can be tough to make friends in moms groups, especially if you run into moms who are competitive or...
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    Re: What counts as "milk"?

    Thanks Ladies! It seems like a lot of medical professionals are not very knowledgeable about breastfeeding especially beyond a few months. Sometimes they end up making me more confused.
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    What counts as "milk"? / Using breastmilk for cooking?

    So my 12 month old is still nursing when I am home, but refuses to drink expressed milk at daycare. He does eat solid foods at daycare and some water, although sometimes he even refuses the water. ...
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    Re: plugged duct

    Try getting a hot shower before nursing (running water on those areas) to help the milk flow. If you can massage the lumps while your baby nurses this also helps. You can also try hand-expressing...
  11. Re: 12 month old refusing expressed milk-please help!

    I actually have never given my LO cow's milk to drink (just in things like yogurt). I find it odd that people think it is totally normal to give a toddler milk that's for baby cow's, but not milk...
  12. Re: Is it time to stop the madness? or at least dial it down

    I don't really have any advice, but just wanted to say that from personal experience that stress can greatly affect your supply. When my brother passed, I was so upset that I barely got anything...
  13. Re: 12 month old refusing expressed milk-please help!

    Thanks! As far as the plugged ducts – I am planning to go slowly, but for a while ANY variation to my schedule would cause a problem. Hopefully it is not an issue at work if I continue to pump for...
  14. Re: 12 month old refusing expressed milk-please help!

    Thanks all - I feel a lot better hearing that this is normal. Since my son has cut back on on the length of time he nurses during the day (he is VERY distractable, so he may only nurse a couple of...
  15. 12 month old refusing expressed milk-please help!

    My son is still nursing, but his sessions have decreased to a couple of minutes for each session (except in the morning and the last one before bed, which are about 10 minutes each side). He is in...
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