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  1. Re: HELP!30 hours w/out my Big Nursie Girl!

    Well, I'm back. Thank you so much for the hand expressing idea. It saved my life!!!!!!!!! Daughter did great, the little ingrate!:hug
    Thanks again,
  2. Re: Nursing a toddler in public/around others...

    Didn't know I was such a freak!:oI nurse my 27 mo in public quite often. I do it discreetly in a sling or on a bench with a cover.
  3. HELP!30 hours w/out my Big Nursie Girl!

    I have to leave my 27 month old for 30+ hours for the first time ever. She is a heavy nurser. I don't have a pump. I'm worried about exploding. I think she'll be fine. Any advice for us?...
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    Re: Won't swallow food

    Thanks for the words of wisdom. Its a bit frustrating when trying to get a little something in my little Skinny Minny. Sometimes she'll just walk around with cheeks FULL of saliva! Ewww! I've...
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    Won't swallow food

    My 23 month old nurses regularly and is a less than hardy (food) eater. Lately she has taken to holding food in her mouth for looooooooong periods of time. I ignored it at first but it has gotten...
  6. Re: co-sleeping / won't disengage from nip problem

    Yes, Bo is at the age when everyday she is doing/discovering something new. She could very well be feeling more needy.
    Do any of you have any ideas as to what to do?
    Last night she did much...
  7. co-sleeping / won't disengage from nip problem

    My daughter (14 mo.) and I had a semi-cosleeping arrangement. She has a big crib that until recently, I would get into with her and nurse her to sleep and a few to many times a night when she would...
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    Re: I don't like breastfeeding

    I didn't lahve bf-ing in the beginning... It felt messy and I didn't like the smell... Made me feel sticky... But at 4 months I have gotten over those feelings... I think if you stick with it, you'll...
  9. Re: Inconsolable crying in previously happy DD

    Thank you for your response. She seems kind of young for teething but I have heard that it is not unheard of... I'm a SAHM so seperation anxiety is out of the question... Thanks for your input......
  10. Inconsolable crying in previously happy DD

    My poor 4 month old daughter has been just so hair trigger for the last week or so... I'm thinking she might have developed an allergy to something I'm eating... I've quit dairy (yesterday) and am...
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