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  1. Re: EPing, but drop in output!

    do you pump at night?
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    Re: witts end!!!!!

    i called my midwife to ask about a prescription to aid my supply and she was also not sure why my lc told me to stop the fenugreek after 3 days. i am on day 5 of taking it and i really can tell a...
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    Re: witts end!!!!!

    yeah i have had a few ultrasounds and i am having another on saturday just to be sure cause that would be soooo much easier but im pretty sure my gb is just not functioning properly. over the past...
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    Re: witts end!!!!!

    this might sound dumb but is there a right way to do compressions? my lc told me to do them while nursing and i didnt think to ask how but i am just kinda messaging my breast is that right? my...
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    witts end!!!!!

    i have had several issues in our five months of bf and i am very proud that we have made it through and are still nursing but now i am afraid i am going to throw in the towel soon. i have talked...
  6. Re: Brother vs brother and the boob

    :hug:hug:hug it just sounds like you need a hug!! i have never been even close to a situation like your so i have no words of wisdom but i hope things get better asap! four months is a hard nursing ...
  7. Re: Looking for Pump Recommendation

    this is a hard question to answer because each woman has a different reaction with each pump. i love my medela pump in style advanced but my good friend bought the same one and hates it. but i was...
  8. Re: Ever wish you could go back in time?

    i wish i could go back and scream at the nurse who scared me into not even attempting bf with my premie daughter who turned out to be allergic to every formula!!!! that first year was horrible and to...
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    Re: how fast? and pcos ?

    i have been walking and working out four times a week for about 2mths and i stopped when af came to visit almost a week ago. i was nervous to try and loose weight while i could tell my supply was...
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    how fast? and pcos ?

    my question is how fast does mothers milk tea work? i ran to the store last night and got some and drank one cup last night and 3 today and i think i can tell a difference already. i feel full and...
  11. Re: how do i know if supply is low?

    Thanks for the tips! this pcos stuff is the pits. i even have a coupon for raw oatmeal so i will get some asap and see if it helps
  12. Re: 3 month old won't take a bottle from

    i was having this problem 2 and the way i got it to work was to actually leave my lo for a whole day with my sister i was close by and if it had not worked i was gonna come nurse him but i think...
  13. Re: how do i know if supply is low?

    i sooo knew that lol! duh! i used to watch his wets like a hawk when he was born but since my supply has always leaned towards os i stopped being so paranoid. his wets have been on the low side. i...
  14. how do i know if supply is low?

    ok so i have another problem now. i had af a couple weeks ago and i dont think my supply has really fully come back yet. lo has been fussy at the breast and i know it could be a milestone or teeth...
  15. Re: Out and about with baby & BF rhythm

    i have days out that my lo will not nurse and is distracted and sleeps too much. and i have days out (this past saturday) that lo wants to nurse all day and of course on those days we are places...
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    Re: Wine and Breastmilk

    i agree with pp! i have never heard of a test to use but both times i have had some alcohol i went by how i felt. i never have more than 2 because for me number 3 makes me feel a warm face and i...
  17. Re: Raynaud's Syndrome - HELP!!

    this link has some ideas for treatments. http://www.breastfeeding-problems.com/Raynauds-disease.html i hope you get some really good answers for this because i am also really curious how people...
  18. Re: How long do I need to pump for?

    i dont know how your ped feels about almond milk but mine prefers breast milk because it is much higher in the calories an under 2yr old needs. almond milk has 60 cals per 8oz. i just had this talk...
  19. Re: Lack of support...hitting a wall

    My daughter was formula fed and up every 2hrs forever!!! ate every 2hrs through the day too. my son is bf and sleeps 8hrs through the night. the food has nothing to do with how well they sleep!...
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    Re: white nipples

    Katharine i just came back to this post because i am still having the pain. i never realized you posted a second link but i am so glad i read that! that does sound like what i am feeling. i really...
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    Re: Please help - reflux?

    i was going to suggest wearing lo in a sling or a wrap but i dont know if that would help if its really hot in your house. maybe a sling would be better but i dont know though since i use a wrap. ...
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    Re: Exercise while nursing

    i have been doing a very strenuous exercise program for about a mth and i eat around that many cals but i was told to do this by my ob because i have pcos and the best way to control it is to be at a...
  23. Re: New to the board.. Gassy Fussy Baby

    does he sleep in his bassinet during the day or do you use a swing or bouncy seat for his nap? i only ask because our little man cried and cried every time we laid him on anything flat. our ped...
  24. Re: I know something is wrong...

    my little man has reflux that is aggravated by a dairy allergy. the symptoms are identical to what you described! also they might ask you to cut all dairy for two weeks before they will give meds...
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    Re: confused!!

    think i might have figured it out!! just started cramping :cry pretty sure its time for the monthly monster. i had one about a month after he was born and i was 3 days with low supply. it came...
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