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  1. Advice Please - Failure to Thrive in my Infant!!


    Baby was born scheduled C-section on 5/21/12. 7lb 10oz. She initially lost about 15% of her body weight and had some issues, but then she was gaining fine and was around 20% in weight on...
  2. Re: Oh, no! Weight Issues in 3 month old. Advice, please?

    Thanks, all.

    I've been weighing her at home--we bought a good quality scale when she was born and the doctor was worried about weight issues before my milk came in. It's always been accurate; I...
  3. Re: Oh, no! Weight Issues in 3 month old. Advice, please?

    I REALLY appreciate you guys responding to my question. I truly do!

    She was born May 21 so she'll be 4 months on Sept 21. She's not creeping on all 4s but she is belly crawling across the floor...
  4. Oh, no! Weight Issues in 3 month old. Advice, please?

    My Hannah Ruth just turned 3 months old.

    When she was born (C-section) she had to stay in the hospital an extra 2 days because she wasn't gaining weight (duh! My milk wasn't in) and became...
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    Back to Work!

    Baby girl is nearly 10 weeks old and will be staying home with stay-at-home dad. :love

    I teach at a college; my normal schedule will be:
    M 1-4; 6-9
    T 7:45-11:30
    W 7:45-11:30; 6-8
    R 7:45-11:30...
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    Going to Camp!

    My baby girl is 7 weeks old. We had a rough start, but nursing is going GREAT!! I'll be going back to work in mid-August. I teach at a college and the most I'll have to be away each day is 4 hours...
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    Green Poop

    I posted before at http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?111451-PLEASE-help!-Nursing-my-newborn&p=1268988#post1268988 that my daughter was slow to gain weight. We were having to supplement with 1-2...
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    Re: PLEASE help! Nursing my newborn

    Thanks for the reply. It's SO nice to know someone's out there!! I have no support here and I went to the local WIC office and the nurse said "I don't know--we can give you formula?!" No one is here...
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    PLEASE help! Nursing my newborn

    My baby girl was born last Monday, 5/21. She weighed 7lb 10oz. She was a repeat C-section at 39 weeks. I nursed her about 2 hours after she was born and nursed, nursed, nursed early on. I took more...
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