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  1. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler wh

    When he looks up as askes "teeewww?" (two) :)
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    Tired of night nursing

    We've worked on night weaning, and have night weaned a few times since Jan 1, but it keeps coming back!

    In all fairness my son has been teething, but really, we are running out of steam, and I'm...
  3. Re: Nursing past 1 yr, DH not understand

    I was approaching this same "time period" when my DH decided to read "Primal Living", by the author who also writes to Mark's Daily Apple. The whole website / culture is about returning to less...
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    Re: Feeling overwhelmed and tired

    I would suggest side-carring the baby. Having to stand up and walk even 3 ft definitely makes you more tired in the middle of the night.

    I third or fourth the mei-tai. You can get one with...
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    Re: How annoyed should I be?

    I'd not waste my time with the cereal, and just send milk. Adding rice cereal to your milk actually takes calories away from your milk. Your LO will expend more energy to digest it then it contains. ...
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    Re: spotting?

    I spot irregularly too.

    I definitely think it has to do with hormones, weight, and possibly thyroid. I get night sweats/hot flashes like there is NO TOMORROW.
    I was getting the most painful...
  7. Re: Anybody ever pumped milk for a frien

    I have pumped for two babies, the first was my friends son who lost her supply at 9 mos. I pumped for him until he was just over a year. This was when my LO was really little. Recently I pumped for...
  8. Re: Advice on how much milk my 1 YO need

    I have chosen to keep pumping too, instead of using cows milk. My 18 mos son is up a lot at night nursing. We have moved to not nurse in the 4 hours before I have to get up for work, rest helps make...
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    Supply Dipping

    Well my boobs are being weird. Not making much milk it seems, and my LO isn't content to block nurse anymore. It started with my supply dipping when I "would be" having my period, and then it was...
  10. Re: Know of any stay-at-home mommy forum

    I would go to the meetup groups/wherever you can find moms and make a mom friend. It makes a huge difference to have someone who can come over and talk to you while your kids play and you do dishes...
  11. Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    I think that dealing with nursing / biting was the best thing my LO and I could do. He bit a few times out of curiosity but that's part of learning boundaries and how to treat each other. I flicked...
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    Re: Plugged duct help please.

    I third the husband. My husband fixes all my clogged ducts. Take a nice warm bath, massage the duct all the way from the back to the nipple, (we have an electric back massager I use sometimes) and...
  13. Re: Venting.... & Questions about solids

    Look into baby led solids when you are getting closer to 6 mos. But no matter what, no solid food rivals breast milk nutritionally or calorically (sp?). If you are concerned about weight you could...
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    Re: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

    Lactivists UNITE!

    I too appreciate and gain knowledge and confidence from this site each time I visit!
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    Re: What should I do?

    I second the side car. It has worked fantastically for us.

    We started with a real side car, and then when he got mobile enough to roll into me at night I lowered the mattress so there was a...
  16. Re: 9 month old night time strategy ques

    I have sort of the opposite view to offer to you. I nursed my son every time he made a peep, and I was actually waking him up, I had no idea. I was so into breastfeeding and making sure my son was...
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    Re: What do they call it?

    James says


    and signs "more". I tell him to ask me nicely and he says "geeez?" (please) and gives me the heartmelting look.

    then when we are done he says "AAHHH duuuhhhn"(all...
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    Re: Brown Sugar Pop Tarts

    In my experience there is a very fine line between enough calories a day and not. If i even graze that line my supply tanks. I'm guessing its a cal boost, 400 in two :)
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    Re: Ow ow ow

    woo! joe.s.mom is pregnant! Congrats! I guess I missed that somehow :cheer

    I too hate nursing while PMSing.
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    Re: 3 month old refusing breast

    When my son would get impatient with nursing I would pump just a bit before nursing, so that when he nursed he would get milk right away. Seemed to work okay. :)
  21. Re: Need Reassurance about nighttime

    I'm right there with you. My nearly 15 mos old still wakes frequently at night too. We are getting molars, but I just am not sure I can do this much longer. I get up at 4:30 to get to work by 7 to...
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    Re: Setting Limits

    I've had luck with modeling what I want James to do when he's that unhappy. I say James, I know you are (emotion) you need to calm down if you want _________. Then I start deep breathing, and...
  23. Re: Help needed to stop feeding my 15 mo

    We had good luck with putting rocking in between nursing and falling asleep. It sounds like you are more done with nursing her to sleep than nursing itself. So we nurse until he's pretty sleepy, and...
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    Re: Amber Teething Necklace

    We love ours, for the most part it keeps his runny nose at bay. We might have a few more snotty days, but nothing like the constant stream that would pour into his lungs and tummy. Her username is in...
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    Re: Sign language for breastfeeding

    My son knows the sign for milk, but he related that to milk in a cup. He also uses the more sign for nursing, tho he tries to say Milk. MMM-il vs MMM-o for more food.

    You can teach what you...
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