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  1. Re: constant breast feeding and attention at six weeks

    Thanks all for the support and advice. As far as bathing with my LO, I'm a little nervous about it 'cause he's so wiggly and tiny. He's not one for baths, either. Most of the time I've gotta keep...
  2. constant breast feeding and attention at six weeks

    I figure that this is normal, but my baby constantly wants to feed. He's just reached six weeks and is growing in leaps and bounds (yay!). He mostly feeds until he falls asleep, at which point I...
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    Pumping breast milk

    I use an automatic Evenflo breast pump to express my milk atleast once a day while also nursing on demand to my one month old. Sometimes I don't have time to pump, so I store what I get in the...
  4. feeding often seems to digest whil e feeding

    my Caleb takes an average of 1 hour per feeding, about 9 times through out the day into the night. Sometimes he'll take longer to feed, eating until he fall is asleep at my breast. When I burp him...
  5. Re: Upping daily food/caloric intake to increase milk flow

    I'll definitely try the oatmeal thing, since I love apple cinnamon oatmeal. The only reason I went back on my pre-prego diet is because I am so tired that I forget to eat as much as I probably...
  6. Upping daily food/caloric intake to increase milk flow

    My mother is in town and she said that the reason I'm not producing that much milk is because I'm not eating enough. I have quickly fallen back to my pre-prego diet, and honestly I sometimes forget...
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    Re: my baby cries all day long

    Thank you for all your support and help. Yes, I suspected that all that was going on was/is normal. It's just that it's my first time around and I was pretty perplexed.

    We got Caleb to sleep...
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    my baby cries all day long

    I dont know what to do. I'm currently breast feeding and pumping when I can. Caleb was born on Feb 15th and was full term, a bouncing healthy baby boy. I use a breast shield to feed him since I...
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