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  1. Re: Inducing Lactation without drugs - advice please!

    Oh, one more thing, there aren't that many LCs who are experts on nursing an adopted baby, per se, but there are things they can help with. They can help you with such things as making sure that the...
  2. Re: Inducing Lactation without drugs - advice please!

    I have nursed six adopted kids, born between 1983 and 1995 and been in contact with other moms for many years. I didn't get real far with my first two, but the last four all nursed until they...
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    How to get ahold of me

    I just wanted to say that if anyone would like to get ahold of my about breastfeeding adopted children, they may email me directly at noelani54@hotmail.com I have breastfed six adopted babies and...
  4. Re: Am I crazy? inducing lactation with a cleft palate?

    It really concerns me that a physician would tell an adoptive mom that when she started suckling a baby, she would produce "plenty of milk'. In American moms, I've only heard of a few cases who...
  5. Re: Relactating (for adoption) while pregnant

    Just realized that I forgot the link:


    Here is one to my article:
  6. Re: Relactating (for adoption) while pregnant

    I would certainly talk to your doctor about it, first. I have known moms who have nursed right through a pregnancy, but didn't have a history of preterm labor. I probably wouldn't try to nurse full...
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    Re: Feeling Discouraged

    I hope things have gone well since your last post! I know what you mean about latching. My first daughter was adopted at six months, not even taking a bottle well. She was being fed through a...
  8. Re: Advice on making supplemental feeding easy

    I'm kicking myself for not coming here for so long, so I could have seen your question right away! I'm still going to answer, hoping you'll come back, or maybe someone else with the same questions...
  9. Re: Am I crazy? inducing lactation with a cleft palate?

    I'm an adoptive mom of six children (who have given me three beautiful grandchildren, so far). One of mine was born with a serious birth defect, it wasn't the same as a cleft palate, but was...
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    Re: SNS Question

    As an adoptive mom, I have ample personal experience with both the SNS and Lact-Aid, and have also known many other adoptive moms who have. I haven't met anyone who has used both who does not prefer...
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    Re: Home-made baby food?

    I had a baby food mill by a company called "Little Ones". It isn't around anymore, but the mill is essentially the same as this...
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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    Your nursling squirts himself in the eye with your milk.

    Your nursling makes a gobbling sound as he latches on.

    You find your nursing bra in a mud puddle, out in your back yard (from walking...
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    Re: Yasmin Question

    Are you taking Yasmin along with domperidone? Domperidone can cause headaches, too. If you are preparing to nurse an adopted baby, I hope you know that taking medications is optional. I worry,...
  14. Re: Should I/ Can I relactate? Please help!!!

    I just spent an hour writing a post and the system lost it! I am an adoptive mom of six and spent a total of about ten years nursing. I have also been involved in helping many other moms. Induced...
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    Re: To increase milk production

    I am an adoptive mom, and had to work hard for my milk supply. I thought I would share some other ways to take fenugreek besides capsules. One friend of mine would boil the whole seeds in water for...
  16. Re: BF a 3mth baby who has never been fed

    I wrote an article about getting my daughter, Julia, started breastfeeding, which you may find helpful. http://www.llli.org/NB/NBSepOct93p135.html It sounds like your situation has some things in...
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    Re: My Relactation Story

    Kellybell, I am really happy for you and your baby! I am sure that your story will help provide both encouragement and practical information for many moms facing the same challenge!

    I am an...
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