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  1. Re: Overactive Letdown - nursing in public makes me nervous

    Hi! so sorry the big latch on was stressfull for you!

    How much practice overall do you have with NIP? It can be a challenge indeed and the thing I have found works best is practice practice...
  2. Re: How do I breastfeed my baby with Reflux?

    Ok, first, you asked how to help your baby want to nurse. The best source for info on that, imo, is this article: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    Ok, I have to convert...
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    Re: SNS Problems

    ok. So, why is baby so upset prior to coming to the breast?

    2-3 weeks is the typical age for a baby to "wake up" and become much hungrier than before. Baby wants milk and baby wants milk NOW. This...
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    Re: SNS Problems

    Have you tried instant reward (dribbling a little expressed milk or formula on the nipple before/when latching or as baby gets "started" sucking, or, hand expressing to get droplets of milk on the...
  5. Re: Pumping with no output to increase supply

    As pp suggests, the pump typically suggested for situations where mom is pumping because production is low is a hospital grade rental pump. You rent it, not buy it. Hand expression along with pumping...
  6. Re: How do I breastfeed my baby with Reflux?

    Yes mommal has good questions. We can't tell if baby is nursing now, bottled fed, combo? It's unclear. How are/were bottles given (have you tried paced bottle feeding?) and how much is in the bottle?...
  7. Re: Revised tongue and lip tie bottle feeding issues

    I agree with the pps. As far as bottles, many babies are resistant to bottles for many reasons, the primary one being that the bottle is not the breast. Babies nurse instinctually, but they may not...
  8. Re: 8 wks pregnant and already producing milk again!

    I agree with mommal that this may be milk from previous nursing experience, rather than milk from this pregnancy. It would be early for any milk production from the current pregnancy, and any leaking...
  9. Re: Major Trouble Breastfeeding - Baby 6 Weeks Old...

    Of course every visual aid has limits. The pictures are just to give you ideas. This is why you experiment with your baby to find what works for you.
    Laid back simply means mom is leaning back....
  10. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    If the massaging and heat appear to be making the area more inflamed, I would suggest, stop doing that, whether it is a plug or not you do not want the area more inflamed.

    Does it change in size...
  11. Re: Weaning a comfort nurser - 15 months - feeling discourag

    Well, I would be very interested to know why this is. I find this troubling as standard advice because as far as I am aware, it is perfectly healthy for most mothers to nurse throughout pregnancy,...
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    Re: supplementing. .

    When was that lowest weight check? At what point was baby back to birth weight?

    This appears to be pretty slow gain. No one was worried about this until baby got sick?

    Not all moms have...
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    Re: I pumped 18 oz in one sitting

    You can only do what you can do. If you can pump once during an 8 hour day, that is certainly better than none, and it might well be ok, especially if you take steps to ensure baby usually nurses as...
  14. Re: Bad milk with too much foremilk and not enough hind milk

    No. Not only is this not possible, even if your baby was only getting foremilk, there is nothing 'bad' about it. All breastmilk contains everything a baby needs.

    It sounds like the fussiness is...
  15. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    Other suggestions for plugs are COLD compresses, (to reduce swelling and inflamation-heat may increase swelling) vibration (I had to really go to town with a personal massager on one of my plugs) ...
  16. Re: Co-sleeping and nursing 2-year-old...should I wean?

    Isn't parenthood an uphill battle? Or am I being too cynical today?:rolleyes: So yes, I am nursing and bedsharing with my just turned two year old daughter. In my experience (she is my third child...
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    Re: Breastfeeding/sleeping

    It is normal for a baby this age to nurse very often day and night and to cluster nurse. Day and night are pretty irrelevant for a baby. This usually resolves over time but there is nothing unusual...
  18. Re: Major Trouble Breastfeeding - Baby 6 Weeks Old...

    no, I am sorry I am stuck in the 50 years in the past when it comes to measurements. I guess I am starting to get it though, my conversions were not to bad.

    So please go over anything I say with...
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    Re: I pumped 18 oz in one sitting

    Hi queensfrost. There is nothing inherently wrong with an abundant milk production. If making this much milk is not causing issues for you or your baby, then it is not a problem.

    Every mom has a...
  20. Re: Weaning a comfort nurser - 15 months - feeling discourag

    Hi, I also have awful pregnancies so know how exhausting they can be!
    There are two very good books and I would suggest either one for ideas on tried and true weaning strategies. The nursing...
  21. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    I think it makes sense to go by how you feel for milk removal.
    Have you tried reverse pressure softening for helping baby latch while engorged? I am on phone and can not post link but you can find...
  22. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    I don't think pump output is going to tell you much about whether or not there is a plug. A plug may affect only one duct, and most moms have many. I once had a plug the size of my open hand and baby...
  23. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    [QUOTE] This sounds like classic mastitis to me , but classic mastitis does feel very much like the flu. So that is very hard call.
    ] What to do for engorgement is to get milk out of the breast as...
  24. Re: Major Trouble Breastfeeding - Baby 6 Weeks Old...

    So how many times a 24 hour days is baby nursing now? Also, how many times do you pump each day? what type of pump?

    Pump output is not an accurate measure of production.

    I don't know metric,...
  25. Re: 3 week old and worried about nursing patterns

    Hi. Newborns tend to sleep a lot. this is usually normal, but sometimes indicates a problem.

    Some babies sleep longer during the day and are up more frequently at night. This is normal at this...
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