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  1. Re: How long is too long between poops?

    i'm the one with the three week time, my daughter went at least 21 days once. It may have been longer, I do not know for sure because we were not counting at first. I was practically begging the...
  2. Re: Insufficient glandular tissue -- what works, what doesn'

    have you looked at the book Making More Milk? it is more specifically about milk production and more recent than the NMC.
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    Re: feeding, pumping, supply issues

    I think Erins ideas are good. Is it possible this is a case of formula being thrown at the problem instead of finding out what, exactly, the problem(s) are? While of course supplementing is...
  4. Re: Doc says not nursing for long enough each Breast

    this is the kind of advice that destroys breastfeeding. it is simply incorrect to suggest there is some ideal time frame for length of nursing session or time between sessions. When trying to...
  5. Re: skip out on dairy and water til one year old?

    I think this is entirely your call. Personally I also avoided cups of water with my daughter at this age because when we introduced solids to her, my third, there was no way I had time to nurse her...
  6. Re: Dr Told Me to Stop Nursing my 12 Month Old at Night

    I second the suggestion of Kiss Me! A beautiful and affirming book for parents. Written by a pediatrician and father.

    Assuming there is not some medical concern you do not mention, I think the...
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    Re: nursing longer, pumping much less

    If I am understanding you correctly, your baby is/was nursing a normal amount of time, gaining fine, and then you were also pumping 6-7 times a day?????

    That is going to be wearing on anyone....
  8. Temas: Spray

    by @llli*maddieb

    Re: Spray

    I am so happy your baby is gaining well! A half pound a week is textbook normal weight gain for this period, so you are correct that your child's gain does not indicate overproduction.

  9. Re: Oh gosh please help me, I'm in pain

    I agree, we need more info. Nipple pain and injury most commonly indicates a latch issue. But this sounds more like a plug or bleb possibly? Of course, poor latch would lead to that.
    I would...
  10. Temas: Spray

    by @llli*maddieb

    Re: Spray

    Lactation cookies & teas contain galactagogues. They are for increasing milk production. Not all mothers require any galactagogues to make enough milk. In fact, most do not.
    Even malnourished ...
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    Re: bad feelings about babysitting

    Here is what I would suggest. If heart to hearts are something you can do with your mom, go ahead and explain to your mom that your child is sleeping much better now, eating more, knows her...
  12. Re: 11 week old fighting feedings. feeling frustrated!

    You do not mention how often baby is nursing. Assuming it is overall good frequency (8 or more times a 24 hour day) and baby is gaining well, it is entirely possible your baby IS indeed getting all...
  13. Re: 3 month old twins-low supply--need help.

    If your children are getting enough food overall, they are getting enough food.
    Why is supply pretty universally lower in the evening? One theory is that this is a time a mother can spend nursing...
  14. Re: Please help! Insufficient weight gain :-(

    Breastfed babies tend to gain rapidly in the first 3 months, average is about 2 pounds a month, it sounds as if your baby gained FAR more rapidly? 11 pounds in 4 months-or almost, 3 pounds a month...
  15. Re: How many feeds a day does a 9 month old need?

    I think one of the most harmful myths about breastfeeding is one that even many breastfeeding support people-myself included- tend to inadvertently perpetuate- that nursing frequency steadily reduces...
  16. Re: Five Year Old Wants To Try Nursing Again

    I am glad my response was helpful!
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    Re: Insane diarrhea:(

    So sorry- diarrhea is scary. And incredibly messy! I went through a longish (but not as long as your child) bout of diarrhea illness with my then 13 month old. It was 3 weeks of 'true' diarrhea,...
  18. Re: How many feeds a day does a 9 month old need?

    Here is an article about tips for nursing for at least a year. I am not sure it applies to you, but this thread made me think of it. http://www.lalecheleague.org/nb/nbjanfeb06p4.html

    You may not...
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    Re: 3 w/o licking..?

    Since letdown usually happens in both breasts at once I think it is typical to feel it in both at once. But some mothers do not feel letdown at all, or only feel it sometimes.
    As long as your pain...
  20. Re: Help! Baby is completely dependent on my breasts!

    I would suggest looking at the new LLL sleep book Sweet Sleep for realistic strategies for getting more sleep. Your dear baby's behavior is 100% normal and she is not using you or your breasts for...
  21. Re: How many feeds a day does a 9 month old need?

    If there is an actual study that shows how much breastmilk a typical nursing 9 month old typically intakes over how many breastfeeding sessions that precisely, I would very much like to see...
  22. Temas: Spray

    by @llli*maddieb

    Re: Spray

    Many moms have overproduction and fast letdown and both they and baby are not having any issues due to it, so for them it is not a big deal. Like many other things, overproduction is only a problem...
  23. Re: Five Year Old Wants To Try Nursing Again

    I have no idea if this is typical but my then 6 year old also wished to nurse after his baby sister was born, and continued to ask occasionally for over a year. In our case, he had nursed a long time...
  24. Re: overwhelmed. Quit or combo feed? 7 weeks PP, mostly pump

    I know Jack Newman suggests domperidone. In his experience it is the most effective for the most mothers. That is not the only galactagogue however. If, after researching the issue and perhaps...
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    Re: Nursing length

    Mothers often make more milk with second, third etc, babies. And yes every baby is different, so it is possible you make lots of milk and she is getting it quickly.
    A good number of Poops are a...
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