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    Re: Giving up

    I was having latching issues and our LC recommended a SNS system with a nipple sheild which worked really well. He got the expressed milk from the bottle but he took it at the breast. Since we were...
  2. Re: Lipstick Nipple/Latching Problems

    Well, it doesn't hurt as much anymore. It still really hurts but I don't feel like I need to bite down on something through the entire feeding anymore. We're still getting the lipstick shape but I...
  3. Re: Lipstick Nipple/Latching Problems

    Thanks so much for the tips!

    I don't think breast support is a problem. I have small boobs so I don't think he's having to hold them up at all.

    I'm not seeing many signs of oversupply except...
  4. Re: Lipstick Nipple/Latching Problems

    Today was ok. We tried a different position for each feeding which helped keep the pain to a manageable level. I guess he hits the nipple in slightly different places so it doesn't get so sore?
  5. Re: Lipstick Nipple/Latching Problems

    OK - so, he may just need to grow a bit larger in order to take enough nipple into his mouth to make this work? About how long does that take? I'm sure it's different for everyone but anyone have an...
  6. Lipstick Nipple/Latching Problems

    We are having some problems breastfeeding and I'd really like some advice.

    We had a very difficult birth (30 hours followed by a c-section) which resulted in my breasts becoming swollen. Between...
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