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  1. Poll: Re: Are outside influences encouraging you to wean?

    I voted yes but not for the same reasons as the other girls. I am two and a half months pregnant and I am just so tired and starving to death all of the time. I am really regreting my decision to...
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    Re: Uh-oh, Aunt Flo is back!

    My period started back up when the girls were 6 months, so I didn't get a long break :cry. I have a pretty significant decrease in my supply the first two days of my period.
  3. Re: Surgery This Friday... Need Advice

    Thanks for the fast response ladies! I will talk to my doctor tomorrow, and I will make sure he understands that I plan on continuing breastfeeding. Last week the doctor made me feel like weaning...
  4. Surgery This Friday... Need Advice

    So, I found out that I needed to get my gallbladder removed when I was 5 weeks pregnant with my twins. I decided to put the surgery off for as long as possible because I was scared I might have a...
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