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  1. Re: Sudden intolerance to lactose in breastmilk?

    Hi gigi2961,
    Yes, in my daughters case, if I ate a single shred of a piece of cheese off a salad at a restaurant, she would vomit within hours, reliably. That is what would happen if I ate it...
  2. Re: Sudden intolerance to lactose in breastmilk?

    Hi gigi2961,
    I considered it a strike because she went from nursing 6-8 times per day to refusing to nurse totally - biting when I attempted to nurse her or turning away screaming, never latching. ...
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    Re: Will Separation Induce Weaning?

    In my experience, I left my child for three days (past her 1yr birthday) over a few different occasions - left pumped milk for her - and had no weaning problems over that span of separation. ...
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    Re: Baby pulling at my shirt in public

    I had great success with the "milk sign". My daughter was constantly tugging on my shirt in public. It took her about two day to learn to use the milk sign and I've just tried to accommodate her as...
  5. Re: Sudden intolerance to lactose in breastmilk?

    I just want to say it sounds like you are doing and have done an amazing job at giving your child what you know to be the best, and you have fought a consistently uphill battle to do it. My daughter...
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    Separation Induced Nursing Strike

    Writing this because I found very little info on this type of nursing strike, and hoped it might help someone else. Also, my nursing confidence at 1 year is now shaky - anyone have additional...
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