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  1. Re: oversupply, comfort feeding and block feeding questions

    Great advice :ita

    I just wanted to add that multiple letdowns isn't necessarily an indication of oversupply. You can also have forceful letdowns and not have oversupply. I haven't read your other...
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    Re: Going away overnight

    A few years ago I left my then 22 month old for 5 nights and 6 days. I did not pump while away. I hand expressed only when it felt painful. Ds2 picked right back up where he left off and continued to...
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    Re: Biting


    It is normal, although not every baby does it, and it can be a phase - but the thing with phases is that we have to encourage it to end or it becomes a habit. From my experience, ending...
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    Re: 9 Week Old and Reflux

    oh mama :hug that sounds very overwhelming, but it definitely sounds like you're on the right path!

    My son had reflux and we found that in addition to the ranitadine (which we were giving 4 times...
  5. Re: 1 year old wanting to nurse all night long

    A lot of mothers notice that their babies revert to newborn type nursing around 12 months. You're not alone! There's a lot going on at this age, developmental milestones, 12 month molars (this is a...
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    Re: Not taking bottle-help

    Are you the person giving your baby the bottle? Sometimes it helps if someone else gives the bottle. When mama is around, baby tends to wants milk straight from the tap ;) Also, different babies...
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    Re: Qs re night nursing 2yr old

    Yes, night nursing does decrease when the child is ready - even if you bedshare :) Hang in there mama. My son nursed every 2 hours for over 2 years :drop I thought the night nursing would never end....
  8. Re: Please Help! Low Supply or Colic or Growth spurt?

    2-3 weeks is prime time for a growth spurt. You're doing the right thing by counting wet diapers :ita It's hard to tell in the beginning because our breasts seem to feel different to us every day,...
  9. Re: Day Weaned, now Nursing ALL THE TIME!!

    Did you plan to wean or are you open to continuing the nursing relationship? If you're worried about your supply, it will probably come back since he is nursing more :) The molars could definitely be...
  10. Re: Is natural weaning possible if you co sleep?

    My son weaned on his own while we co-slept. I think every kid is so different that it's hard to say what factors affect weaning, ya know?
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    Re: Doubts about if I'm doing BLS right?

    We did it pretty much as dj's.mom described. Actually, there's a really good thread here somewhere from years ago that was bumped for me when I started solids with ds2. Shelly maybe you know what it...
  12. Re: Pediatrician told me my baby is too fat...

    my advice? Ignore your pedi and continue to feed on demand. 13 lbs at 9 weeks is between the 50th and 85th percentile on the breastfeeding growth chart for girls. I think your pedi is full of poo. :)
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    Re: Birth Control?

    Not a stupid question :)

    But yes, you can get pregnant. Ovulation typically occurs before your period, so two weeks before you get your first period you will have already ovulated - IF your cycle...
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    Re: Desperate! Need help with newborn!

    :ita with pp

    Are you timing your nursing sessions? Sometimes we are told by medical staff to nurse for a certain amount of time per breast but it's much (much!) better to allow baby to empty the...
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    Re: Possible dumb question :)

    There are no dumb questions.

    When someone says: "my baby nurses every 2 hours" that means the second session starts 2 hours after the first session started - so theoretically if your baby is...
  16. Re: Best sources of iron for a 9 month old?

    Great advice from pp's :ita

    Chicken/Turkey (the dark meat has more iron), beef... any meat really. Cook it for a really long time and then shred it with two forks.

    Beans, lentils, green...
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    Re: 5 mos so far

    Congrats mama, on overcoming the rough start!!

    I don't have any experience with nursing school or pumping but I'm sure some experienced mama's will show up to help you.

    As for your last...
  18. Re: My husband wants me to stop breastfeeding after 8 months

    Great advice from the pp's :ita

    The nursing relationship is between mama and baby. I think *I* would start with: "I will be nursing until either LO or I feel the need to wean, it might be a year,...
  19. Re: Quality of my milk due to my poor diet?

    :ita the quality of your diet isn't an indicator of the quality of your milk.
    It's great that you're trying to get back on track with healthy eating :D but you aren't producing lower quality milk...
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    Re: unbearable guilt!

    Yes, you are right. I missed that when I replied earlier. A weight drop (lack of gain) like that does call for supplementing while you figure out your supply/transfer issues :ita
  21. Re: Supplementing with whole milk at 10+ months?

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    Re: unbearable guilt!

    To the first line I've bolded - this is true, baby does need to be fed - but I think finding out if baby is getting enough is the first step. Also, the 2 ounces ever 2 hours isn't necessarily...
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    Re: unbearable guilt!


    I'm sorry you're having a rough time :hug I have a few questions

    Are you at home with your baby during the day or working? If you're at home I would suggest you ditch the pump for a...
  24. Re: Supplementing with whole milk at 10+ months?

    I was referring to the bolded. She has no idea how her supply will hold up once she starts to pump wean, but the wording suggests that the milk will be to compensate for the (possible) lack of...
  25. Re: Supplementing with whole milk at 10+ months?

    In addition to, yes, but a lot of women here in NA are told to "switch" and they need to know that whole milk is not a replacement to breastmilk (or formula). If it's being used instead of breastmilk...
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