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  1. Re: 1 YO Nursing 2x/day - pumping almost nothing - help!

    Thanks all - I appreciate the info! :clap
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    Re: food variety and bottle weaning

    Hi good questions - I think many of us with similar-age children have the same ones about nutrition. In terms of veggies, do you do frozen? Our daughter likes green beans, peas and corn, all of...
  3. Re: 1 YO Nursing 2x/day - pumping almost nothing - help!

    Thanks very much for the encouragment, kudos and advice. I am a fan of Kellymom. Based on one of the resources it seems ok that we are only breastfeeding a couple of times per day. That makes me...
  4. 1 YO Nursing 2x/day - pumping almost nothing - help!

    Hi all! My daughter turned one and I am so happy to be nursing still. (I think she is, too :eye:eye)

    I work full time and am away from her for 9 hours per day. While she is away I pump 3-4x for...
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    Re: unable to pump

    If you can afford to try another pump, I would recommend the Medela harmony. Since you only need a few oz., it could work - it is a single hand pump and I think it does a GREAT job. I pump several...
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    Re: Left Breast Not "working"

    Thanks - i had to LOL - "lazy lefty"!. I'll keep trying. I do sometimes start her on the left but she quickly gets frustrated- I think because the letdown is slow. I think I may start her 10:00...
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    Left Breast Not "working"

    hi all. Hoping I might get some help here. My left breast is virtually dry. Here is how I think it happened: Once my daughter turned 4 mos or so, she became an efficient nurser, and I got lazy. ...
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