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  1. Night Weaning 18 m/o and stomach bug

    Hi! My question is really 2 fold.

    My 18 m/o has always been a little bit of a high needs baby- very into cuddles, nursing, etc. She also had food sensitivities as an infant. When she was born we...
  2. Recurring problems with right breast

    I was looking for a little advice about what might be going on with my right breast. I am currently nursing two children, my 28 m/o and my 8 m/o. I never really had any problems with my 28 month old...
  3. Replies

    Good weight gain, green stool?

    Hi! I am currently exclusively nursing my second daughter (while still nursing my older 21 m/o). My first daughter as an infant had the typical, bright yellow breastfed baby stools. My second...
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