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    Re: I am so done

    No advice here. :-) Only suggstions and questions.

    How do you know she isn't teething? Some babies start long before the teeth start to show.

    It sounds like she is getting enough milk, from...
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    Re: 7 month old & constipation

    You may try holding off on the solids for a while and see if he goes back to his normal bowel movements. If he does, then when you add back the solids, only add one food at a time, and watch which...
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    Poll: Re: when is he too old to nurse?

    There are stories of kindergarteners going home during recess to nurse :-) When they are that old, most (not all!) only nurse to sleep at night and maybe in the AM. So school isn't a time of need...
  4. Re: seeking EBF advice: skinny baby refusing solids

    If she looks healthy to you, and your "gut" reaction is she is fine, then it sounds like she will do what she is supposed to. From your list of foods she will eat, it sounds like she doesn't like...
  5. Re: Help! Having LOTS of trouble weaning my 14 m/o

    The time we nurse our nurslings is such a short time compared to theirs and our lives. Sometimes we need to remember that their wanting to nurse is still a need, and that the more we can meet their...
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    Re: Nipple recommendations for feeding EBM

    I do daycare for breastfed babies, and the ones I have had have prefered the Gerber Nuk. One mother had the Avent system but her first baby refused it outright, and her second would take it but...
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