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    Re: Stability of Breast Milk

    Thanks. I'm the same way I only pump at work because I'm not with the baby. And when I got off DH picked me up. Imagine it coming in the house with a sleep 6 year old, a sleep 18 month old and a...
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    Stability of Breast Milk

    Hi Moms. I need help. I worked 2nd shift last night and got off at midnight. When I got up at 6:45 this morning I remembered I did not put my EBM in the refrigerator last night. :yikes I had it in...
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    Re: Any Suggestions

    Thanks for all the advice. We're sticking to straight nursing. I still have to pump at least once at night (yes LO sleeps straight through). I went back to work almost full time. A few people...
  4. Re: Pressure to "stretch out" feedings......

    I don't know if your friend has any children or not but BF children eat more often than FF children. I've done both. And as for spoiled, my comment to any whose ever said that any of my children...
  5. Re: About ready to throw in the towel-please help!!!!

    I agree with the PP. I was going through the same stressed out point. My fiance would tell me just give the baby a bottle. Talk about nerve wrecking. Then LO got to the point where she wasn't...
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    Re: Milking it

    I have to try that because pumping sucks.:rofl
  7. Re: Just when I thought it was going good.

    Here's an update on LO. I started taking Fenugreek tablets (my 6 year old always drank my tea). We went to the MD yesterday 12lbs 5oz. I guess that's good 1lb 5oz in one month.

    Thanks for the...
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    Re: Veramyst ok when BF'ing?

    No. Its a corticosteroid and will be passed on to the baby through your milk.
    Here's the packet insert that the pharmacy goes by. See page 7 subtopic nursing. I wouldn't use it or advice it if...
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    Re: 6 Months Today!

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    Any Suggestions

    I'm considerating going from exclusively nursing to exclusively pumping. I was hopeing it would give me more time during the day to spend with everyone. I find myself nursing and helping with...
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    Re: Baby Won't Eat At Daycare

    Its said that before a baby turns 1 they should drink their milk before eating their solids. Its because the milk has more calories and this is how LO gains weight. Ask your DCP if they are giving...
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    Re: Work at Home

    Thanks for the info.
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    Re: Weak suck and/or shallow latch??

    Try putting gloves on her so she doesn't suck her fingers. Have you tried nursing her while she's asleep. She may latch on confusing it with her finger.
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    Work at Home

    Hi Moms.

    Does anyone know any legit work at home sites? I'm a pharmacist tech, and I also know how to do medical billing. Any site will work. I just want a little extra income, but I don't want...
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    Re: Traveling without Baby

    I remember seeing this response for someone else traveling without their child. I hope it helps.

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    Re: new mum on the verge of giving up =(

    With my first child I had flat nipples. The nurse in the hospital gave me nipple shields. It helped draw out the nipple so LO could nurse. I also used it for my 3rd child when my nipples were...
  17. Re: What foods would you not want daycare to offer?

    Packing a lunch is always a good idea. My DD1's 1st and last daycare served everything under the sun from pork sausages to candy for a treat. I don't eat or allow pork and my DD1 never had candy...
  18. Re: My baby is weird- she doesnt ask to feed at all

    I'm not familiar with that bottle. Is it from a once prefilled bottle?

    I know how fostrating it can be to pump because when I try I usually get 1/4oz- 1/2 oz. so it takes forever to make bottles...
  19. Re: My baby is weird- she doesnt ask to feed at all

    My LO is like that also so I try to keep an eye on the clock. I make sure I offer her the breast at least every 2 hours.

    I was wondering how did you make out with the bottles and the MRI.
    I know...
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    Re: wont take bottle from me or dad...

    :hugWhat type of nipples/bottles have you tried?
  21. Re: Cancer mri-need to stop breastfeeding for two days

    :hugIf your little one won't take the nipple/bottle you can ask the nursery/lactation consultant about a finger feeder. ...
  22. Re: Just when I thought it was going good.

    Thanks for all the help. I feel much better. I felt like I was doing something wrong. I'll keep nursing and I'll use your links for help. Thanks again.:)
  23. Re: Just when I thought it was going good.

    Oh yeah I make sure that she nurses often. ex. If she finish nursing at 3:00 I put her to nurse again at 4:00 unless she wants it sooner. I do this because I was worried about milk supply and...
  24. Re: Just when I thought it was going good.

    We do have an appointment for a weight check in 1 month.

    As for wet diapers they are frequent. Her development is good. At this point she's trys to stand. The length and head circumfence is...
  25. Re: Just when I thought it was going good.

    Thanks for the links Molly. Her weight is defintely to low.
    At birth she was 7 lbs 5 oz
    When discharged 7 lbs 3 oz
    2 weeks 8 lbs 3 oz
    2 months 10 lbs 2 oz ...
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