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  1. self weaned at 11 mos, anyone can help?

    Hi there mommas, its been a while i didn't open here.
    Well my concern goes like this. My DS self weaned at 11 mos. Now she's 13 mos already. No matter how i tried, she rejects my boobie. I really...
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    increase supply through pumping?

    hi there, i just to ask if my issue still have hope.
    DD is now 8 months, i was pumping before and got 2-3 oz per session. now that i quit for about 2 months due to my work schedule and noticed that...
  3. Re: 6 month old refusing the bottle after vaccinations

    hi momma. from my own experience with DD whenever she's having her vaccination she got slight fever like 38.5 which make her having poor appetite. you may check her tongue if there is some white...
  4. Re: 6 mos old BF, not yet rolling over,fine?

    thanks a lot mommas for your input. actually i searched on internet yesterday and i tried their suggestions. i stimulate DD by putting toys at her sides and hold her hand to help her roll over. after...
  5. 6 mos old BF, not yet rolling over,fine?

    please advice me on this, my DD will be 6 mos on Jan 12 but not yet rolling over. she started practicing at 4 mos but after many attempts but failed to do so she now stop doing it. will she ever do...
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    Re: Zombie mommy

    hi zombie mommy. i'm a working mom at the same time BF my DD whenver im home. i have to work 9am-1pm, 4-8pm. i make sure to be home travelling 15mins after my 4 hrs work to BF her and give bath. wake...
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    Re: Breastfeeding fathers

    hi Jessica, i can relate you on this. hubby felt bad when a new member of our family arrived. it seems that he was not part of it since new born only wants milk and sleep. whenever DD is awake, she...
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    Re: Pain with letdown

    i had pain during BF too until baby becomes 3 weeks. it was not comfortable really. painful let down and pain on my uterus. it feels like its contarcting while BF but my friend who is a mom too...
  9. Temas: Fennel

    by @llli*mjtony

    Re: Fennel

    momma you may try fenugreek seeds. i took 1 tsp 3x aday and it works. i was able to pump only 40-60ml but after taking fenugreek seeds, my supply has become 90-120ml. i only pump 2x and nurse on...
  10. 5 mos & 1 week constipated when eating solid food

    hi there. my issue started when 5 mos old daughter had a problem with nanny. she refuses to drink formula while i'm working. it even happened that her last feed was before i left home then until i...
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    Re: Could this indicate a problem?

    this is so helpful. my sister is 31weeks pregnant now and she has also PCOS. she wants to nurse her baby as soon as she arrives but worrying a lot if she can make more milk because of her condition....
  12. painful nipple, two white spot on it

    hi, i have this concern which is already been more than a month. at first i had plugged ducts when my LO was 1 mo. it was solved when a friend of mine who is also a mom gave me some tips on how to...
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    Re: Pumping and Nursing

    5 mos baby also refuses on breast when fully awake, she's easily get disturb with television or people in the room (daddy), even while starring at me disturbs her because instead of nursing she laugh...
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    Re: 3 month old Repeatedly Pulling Off

    my experience is the same, 5 mos baby becomes fussy and screaming during feeding. you may try another feeding position, mine she prefers side lying. there is no other way i can feed her aside from...
  15. Re: does fenugreek seeds really works to make more milk?

    hi moms, thank you for your comments on my post. here comes my conclusion after 5 days of taking fenugreek raw seeds. i found out that my pumping output has not increase which was 2-3 oz every 3 hrs...
  16. Re: does fenugreek seeds really works to make more milk?

    baby is now consuming 4 oz of breastmilk so it means when i can pump only 2-3 oz, its not enough.

    when i come home at night, i have to pump so that at least nanny can give breastmilk in the...
  17. does fenugreek seeds really works to make more milk?

    i have a poor milk supply since i went back to work.

    LO is now 5 mos. i only have 3 times pumping session and got 2-3 oz each pump with an interval of 3 hrs. i wanted to give her my best though i...
  18. Re: 4 mo. old LO not gaining weight and height, is this norm

    does fenugreek capsules works best than the raw seeds taken directly? i'm taking 1 tsp 3x aday of raw seeds.
  19. Re: 4 mo. old LO not gaining weight and height, is this norm

    Sorry for the confusion...i mean i let her latch as much as she want but that "want" means very short periods. she nurses like she's just playing my breast, latch-pull out, latch pull out then...
  20. Re: 4 mo. old LO not gaining weight and height, is this norm

    hi there,thank you so much for all your comments. regarding the scale we are using the same one, baby is not moving also when we measure her.

    she nurses on me in the morning before i left home....
  21. 4 mo. old LO not gaining weight and height, is this normal?

    hi moms, i have a 4 mo. old baby girl. she is mix feeding with my milk and formula when i'm working. i am tracking her growth always measuring her height and weight.
    she was born 47cm in height,...
  22. Re: Slow Let Down and Significant Dip in Supply @ 4 Months

    hi everyone

    my LO girl turned 4 mos yesterday too. since 3 weeks ago, i had the same issue. see became so fussy and refused to nurse on me when i come home after work. i have a broken schedule 4...
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    Re: When did you baby STTN?

    @ llli*petersmommyjessi
    my 4 mos old girl start STTN at 2 mos. i had a very bad issue before, she was a good sleeper from birth til 2 weeks. i changed her diaper without waking, she just suck her...
  24. Re: best breastfeeding position for 4 month old baby

    my LO is now 4 mos, also refuses sometimes to nurse at cradle position. so i tried side lying position and she enjoys it. it was really upsetting at first beacause i thought that she doesn't like my...
  25. Re: what is a normal feeding interval for 3 mo?

    thank you for your kind reply
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