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    Very distracted baby

    She comes off the breast all the time. She has a great latch and I think I have my let down and oversupply in check so I dont think its that.

    She just pops off and has this grin on her face then...
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    Re: erratic feeding, supply shrinking

    I am sure someone more knowlegable will come along but I want to say that it sounds like your wife is doing fine.

    Its quite normal to not be able to pump a ton of milk. Babies are much better at...
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    Re: Spit up thru nose??

    My LO has done this too and it scares me to death.

    Usually happens when I am burping her. I think its fairly normal.
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    Re: I think I have raynaud's phenomenon

    I have reynauds but it hasnt caused much of a problem during bfeeding. Only one side shows it at all. My nip turns very white after feeding. I have a tiny bit of pain associated with it but...
  5. Re: I did something bad today and am wondering if I should pump and dump.

    I quit a month before I got preggers and this is the first one I have had in sooo long.

    It is the thing I like / liked least about me.

    Thanks for the advice. I hate that I did that and now I...
  6. I did something bad today and am wondering if I should pump and dump.

    I smoked a cigarette. I had a terribly stressful, awful day and broke down and smoked a cigarette. Well actually two.

    Should I pump and dump. Dont want any nasty, bad, harmful stuff for my...
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    Re: Mixing BM and Formula

    I mix the two all the time.

    I have been supplementing for about a week or so and I pump and mix the breast milk and formula. This way I know exactly how much she is eating. She was having a...
  8. Re: Diagnosing Reflux vs. OALD vs. Dairy Sensitivity - NEED HELP

    Wow. I could have written this post.

    I am still trying to discern between food (cow's milk allergies), OALD and reflux.

    She has gotten better but sometimes still arches her back and screams...
  9. Re: Anyone treating their reflux babies with meds?

    Oh that would be awesome! I hate it for her that she cries after every meal, cries when she burps, cries when she spits up. She is so sweet otherwise..mealtimes are a *%(*^!
  10. Re: Anyone treating their reflux babies with meds?

    Thanks girls. My dd is 6 weeks old.

    I have heard that the prevacid works well too but my dr. wont prescribe that as it is not approved for use in children under a year. Zantac is ok for...
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    Anyone using meds to treat infant reflux?

    I just got a zantac rx for Grayson. Iam a bit worried about using it but I cant stand seeing her in pain after her meals. We have ruled out everything else, allergies, gas, burps, etc, etc and she...
  12. Anyone treating their reflux babies with meds?

    I just got a zantac rx for Grayson. Iam a bit worried about using it but I cant stand seeing her in pain after her meals. We have ruled out everything else, allergies, gas, burps, etc, etc and she...
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    Re: Acid Reflux???

    Here is a reflux link. Hope it helps

  14. Temas: letdown???

    by MamaMeg

    Re: letdown???

    I feel a kind of throb and pins and needles type of sensation. It can be pretty uncomfortable. Sometimes it happens so randomly too...while washing dishes, in bed at night, etc.
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    Re: Baby fussing and crying during feeding?

    I agree..try burping her. My lo does the same thing..usually means shes gotta burp.
  16. Temas: gassiness

    by MamaMeg

    Re: gassiness

    Ive been supplementing too (and pumping to maintain supply). I use the gentlease enfamil (made just for gassy babies) and it seems to help a lot with the gas and fussiness. She was actually way...
  17. How much milk should a 4.5 week old be taking?

    I have been giving my lil one ebm in a bottle for a while. I usually bfeed her but my dh gives a bottle at night one time and on occassion during the day.

    We give her three oz. at a time but she...
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    Re: No milk so how do you enjoy food?

    I know how you feel!

    I gave up dairy for a week to see if it was causing my lo's issues (I know it may take longer than that to know for sure) but it almost destroyed me!

    I am a huge milk...
  19. I feel guilty but I just dont enjoy bfeeding.

    It makes me sad. I thought it would be a nice, quiet, peaceful bonding time for us but it really isnt. I KNOW its the best thing for her and good for me too but I am starting to wonder if I am...
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    Re: Curdled Yellowish Thick Spit-Up...?

    Heres a good link. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Crying Baby!!! Argh!

    Blood and mucus in the poo would make me think it is an allergy.

    My lo had an issue with my oversupply and didnt ever have blood or mucous in her poo.

    Try eliminating dairy for a week or two...
  22. My LO gets sooo upset after afternoon feedings.

    Her face turns red and she throws her head back and just wails.

    She only seems to do this in the afternoon and evening. She nurses fine and then I sit her up to burp her and she loses it. Anyone...
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    Re: How much should/does an 8 week old eat?

    My LO is only 3.5 weeks old and can polish off 3 oz. with no problem. Usually its closer to 2.5 though.
  24. Re: Advice on feeding problems due to Reflux in 11-week old

    I dont think my lo has reflux but she does exhibit a lot of the same tendencies that yours does.

    She is a huge burper and has lots of gas. She gulps when she eats, gets the hiccups a lot and I...
  25. Help. Question about pumping and feeding bottles on the go.

    So Grayson has an appointment tomorrow for a heart murmur. The appointment should last anywhere from two to four hours. I know she will need to eat during this time.

    She has been having EBM from...
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