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  1. getting the baby to take a bottle?

    Apologies if I'm re-posting a well-answered question--I don't have a whole lot of time to browse the boards right now.

    I have a one month old who is breastfeeding (tolerably) well, but has...
  2. Re: Can't get rid of the green poop!

    My son also has acid reflux problems, and he drools a LOT. For a while, his poop was just mucousy because of the drool. Green CAN be normal, though that is not necessarily the case. Alternately,...
  3. Will my supply take a nose dive?

    Hi all!

    My son is 7.5 months old. For various reasons (I'll spare you the details, though I'm sure you could hunt up my previous posts), in order to save my utterly wrecked mental health, we're...
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    Re: 7 month refusing to nurse

    This sounds EXACTLY like what my seven-month-old is doing right now! I cut out all corn syrup, decreased his food and started giving him only the foods we knew he'd been fine with for a while....
  5. 7 months--nursing strike? Why, and what to do?

    Here we go again with yet another issue! (I did try to tough this one out before posting for help, but that's not doing any good.)

    My son will be seven months old in a couple of days. For the...
  6. Re: So--how fast CAN this little rascal eat?

    An update: Well I wasn't TOO worried, but now I am! He's been refusing to eat in the mornings after sleeping most of the night (he'll eat for about sixty seconds), and now I find out that he's only...
  7. Re: So--how fast CAN this little rascal eat?

    Thanks, everyone!

    He has several wet diapers a day (8 or 9 easy, of which at least three or four are super wet). He has one poopy diaper every 24 hours.

    I'm pretty sure it's not OALD; we had...
  8. Bits of sweet potato in his poop--normal?

    So, we gave my six-month-old some pureed sweet potato the other day. He was not pleased, and I didn't think any of it had actually gotten down him (he doesn't seem to recognize that food is a thing...
  9. So--how fast CAN this little rascal eat?

    Hi all!

    My son will be six months old in a week. For the past month, he's been eating very finicky. He'll put his mouth on my nipple and then, within literally two or three seconds, will pull off,...
  10. Re: Correcting Latch for a 4-month old--SUPER FRUSTRATING!

    I've been to LLL meetings in the past, but they didn't offer to help with the latch and instead suggested an LC. I don't feel too comfortable just whipping the boob out and asking people to look,...
  11. Correcting Latch for a 4-month old--SUPER FRUSTRATING!

    Wow, breastfeeding my son can just never be easy!

    He's 4 1/2 months old now. We've been trying to correct various issues (one of them a lazy/shallow latch) for months now, with off and on success....
  12. Re: Less dirty diapers normal as they get older?

    Yea! Thanks for the reassurance, everyone.

    He has had green, runny poop pretty much constantly since he was five weeks old. By "runny" I mean nothing but water. He was also chunking down almost...
  13. Less dirty diapers normal as they get older?

    Hi all!

    My four-month-old, up until this point, has been having about 6 dirty diapers a day--some of which looked like diarrhea. I've been on an elimination diet for about two weeks to figure out...
  14. Re: Pumping and THEN feeding baby--not a good idea, right?

    Thanks! Let's see:

    His aunt keeps him, and is very flexible. He takes anywhere between ten and eighteen ounces during the approximately ten hours that she keeps him. I know eighteen sounds like a...
  15. Pumping and THEN feeding baby--not a good idea, right?

    One last question--I promise!

    My four-month-old is still not super predictable in his eating or sleeping patterns. During the day, he usually eats about every two hours. At night, he sometimes...
  16. Is there any problem with CONTINUALLY taking fenugreek/blessed thistle, etc?

    Hi all!

    I'm on a great supplement right now. the ingredients are:
    fenugreek seed
    blessed thistle
    nettle leaf
    fennel seed
    Non-GMO soy lecithin
    modified vegetable cellulose
    coconut oil
  17. Re-using other people's cones/storage bottles: Does it REALLY matter if they're new?

    Hi all!

    Okay, I get it that moisture gets stuck in the tubes of pumps, sometimes for long periods of time. I get it that the membranes aren't too easy to clean. But the cones and the plastic...
  18. Re: Milk going sour in the refrigerator within 24 hours!

    Thank you! After I posted, I actually read someone else's post and was led to the sticky. Can I ask a few more questions that seemed to be up for debate above? (I only read through the first five...
  19. Milk going sour in the refrigerator within 24 hours!


    I pump for my son while I'm at work. The milk stays in a refrigerator while I'm there, then I transport it in an insulated bag with blue blocks to keep it cold. DS is fourteen weeks old and...
  20. Re: STILL with the diarrhea issues!

    He IS actually getting more and more dehydrated, judging from his diapers. I'm going to take him to the doctor tomorrow. I'm already having him nurse as much as he will (though he's been fussy about...
  21. STILL with the diarrhea issues!

    Hi ladies, and thanks for all of your help in the past. It seems like every time we get something down, there's another breastfeeding issue! We had foremilk/hindmilk imbalance issues, not because I...
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    baby scale?

    Hi all!

    I'm still worried that my son isn't getting much milk during each feeding, due to a lazy suckle. DH thinks I'm paranoid, and it's not impossible that he's right. But the child DOES have a...
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    Re: Baby miserable - scratching face

    We have LOTS of allergies here. So here are some suggestions:

    Bumps on arms and legs, if they're just raised and not red and angry, could be sensitive skin that gets slightly dry or a sensitivity...
  24. Re: having a rough evening...need reassurance

    I second the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance idea, especially if you're dealing with OALD. (But then again, my son had this problem, and when you have a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail, you...
  25. Re: which pump accessories are necessary

    I have the PISA, and you don't technically NEED anything extra. Here are some things that may be very helpful though:

    eight double-A batteries--rechargeable! With the battery pack, I can pump in...
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