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    Re: Alternatives to Cow's Milk??

    Gotta love the pediatrician, but they dont always know what they are talking about, especially when it cones to breastfeeding! I'll never forget when our pediatrician (who I absolutely love!) asked...
  2. Re: Transitions and Weaning???? Long, Sorry!

    Thanks so much to both of you. This has definately been a long journey and I love nursing them but sometimes it does get old IYKWIM. I think I just needed some support, it's a little lacking here. My...
  3. Transitions and Weaning???? Long, Sorry!

    Hello all,

    I really need some help here, feeling really touched out and so exhausted. I haven't slept a real nights sleep since my twins were born 22 months ago. Up until a few months ago we were...
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    Re: Nyquil

    Thanks everyone! Maybe I'll stick to the childrens nyquil which doesn't have the alcohol or doxylamine. It has chlorpheniramine as the antihistamine and dextromethorphan for cough suppressant. I...
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    Re: Nyquil

    Thanks! I think I'll send my husband to get me the good stuff!!! I was planning on taking it after they go to bed and it's USUALLY about 5 hours before my daughter wakes up and starts co-sleeping and...
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    Re: I'm so sad and worried

    I know you said you tried everything, but have you tried pumping while in a very hot shower? One time I had one, that's what it took - and it took almost an hour of pumping while massaging under hot...
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    I am breastfeeding 18 month old twins and have some virus that is making me completely miserable. I know nyquil is a no-no, but I was wondering if it was okay to take maybe the childrens nyquil that...
  8. Re: My mom told me nursing toddler is making me weak


    Are you taking vitamins normally, of course you may not be while you are sick, but I find that I know when I forgot to take my prenatal vitamins. I am nursing two, but I definately know...
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    Re: Not eating, only nursing

    Thanks everyone. We were just at the pediatrician and I don't think there are any major concerns. Of course, he could have a stomach bug (no diarrhea though), molar teething, or any number of things...
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    Not eating, only nursing

    Hello all,

    I have 18 month old twins. We are still nursing, pretty much on demand. My daughter eats well and nurses whenever the opportunity arrives. My son has been pretty much refusing to eat...
  11. Re: question about extended breastfeeding

    I just went through this with my twins when I went back to school in Sept - they were 16 months. I was leary about pump weaning, but everything has went well. I go some days 12 hours without nursing...
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    Re: Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

    I have twins that are 18 months old and I was in the same boat 6 months ago. I had only planned on nursing til one, but it turned into at least two now. My twins are small, they are just now 20 lbs...
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    Re: Worried about supply???

    Thanks so much! Mommal - thanks for your encouragement, I think we will make it through. I could probably go for months without eating before actually reaching the point of starving! LOL I am still...
  14. Re: still waking up several times at night..Please help!

    I have 15 month old twins that still wake 2+ times a night. They eat plenty during the day - three meals that consist of all four food groups (minus dairy) are offered and two snacks of two food...
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    Worried about supply???

    Hello all,

    My twins are 15 months and still nurse about 7-10 times a day including a few times during the night. The only other liquid they get is water from my bottle or a cup. Everything is...
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    Re: wiggley baby

    My daughter is totally like this too. It drives me crazy, but I think it's because there's two of them and she always does it at bedtime when her brother is trying to nurse to sleep. Glad to hear...
  17. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    When I first read this post I had just joined the 'nursing a toddler' group. I loved all the little things that everyone has posted and was so looking forward to purple nipples from blueberries and...
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    Re: Iron deficient anemia

    We were told to use molasess - I think blackstrap molasess specifically as it was a natural food source and contains iron. We used this for my son when he was a baby. I don't remember how much, but...
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    Re: Scraping teeth

    I have twins and they are both doing the scraping and biting right now. I feel your pain :hug My son also bites everything in sight! Telling them "no biting" and "biting hurts" firmly helps sometimes...
  20. Re: Self soothing vs. Attachment parenting

    Thanks all!

    Bee- it's nice to know that they will learn how to self soothe and sleep alone without doing the CIO method. I have always wondered what that really does to them long term.

  21. Self soothing vs. Attachment parenting

    Hi everyone, (sorry this is kind of long)

    I am really on the fence with this one and just need some opinions, I know this is a highly debated topic, just need some reassurance I guess.

    My twins...
  22. Re: 13 month old yanking on nipple when nursing on the other.

    My 13 month old daughter does the same thing! She even tried to get both of my nipples in her mouth at the same time :lol
    The really funny thing is she has a twin brother and will try to steal his...
  23. Re: 13 Months Nursing but with inconsistant gaps - Boobs getting sore

    My twins will be 13 months old on the 19th and they really have a very similar schedule. Ours goes like this:

    7AM - BF (#1)
    8AM - Breakfast
    10AM - BF (#2)
    11:30-Noon - Lunch
    Noon - BF and Nap...
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    Re: The cup after sippy cup

    Mine are one and just figured out how to drink from straws, they were not real big on sippy cups, but they LOVE the straws!!! We like the TommyTippee ones.
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    Re: Nursing 12 month old twins

    Thanks, that does help. It's pretty close to what we did before I let my mother get in my head. Of course she knows nothing about breastfeeding or breastfed babies! Our only differences are they...
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