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  1. Stopped Bf 8 days ago and am in PAIN...HELP

    i always pumped because my preemie never latched. I pumped for 9 months and have more than enough milk to get him to 1 yr plus weaning to milk. That said, I stopped pumping 8 days ago and am still...
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    Warming frozen breast milk

    I was wondering if you could use a bottle warmer to wamr frozen breast milk. I put the frozen bags inthe fridge to start to thaw and was wonderign if I could use a bottle warmer from there. I tried...
  3. Storage bags.. possible ink contamination?

    HI All
    My 12 week old preemie never latched on so I have been expressing milk and storing the extra, which has been a lot since I produce more than double what he eats. The only problem... we have...
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