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  1. Re: Underweight 2 year old. Allergies? Mal-absorption?

    In most cases, this is true. It is not, however, true in ALL cases. My 3.75 year old is perfectly healthy, 75 %tile for height and 50 %tile for weight. But he suffers from severe food neophobia and...
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    Re: Traveling with baby


    Babywearing is probably one of the best ways to facilitate travel with a baby. There are many, many carriers available. Do you have a Babywearing International chapter near you? They have...
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    Re: A Little Overwhelmed

    Ah, the ol' "He's just a little bit tongue tied."

    Both my boys were tongue tied. With DS1 I was told he was "a little bit tongue tied, it shouldn't affect nursing". Well, it didn't, but that's...
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    Re: Food sensitivity HELP!!!

    Just wanted to add that it will take a while (like 3-6 weeks) before you notice a change in your LO's behavior, if dairy is the cause. (Other food don't take quite as long, but frequently take 1 to 2...
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    Re: Will exercise affect production?

    What they said. :D

    I use Natori exercise bras, and I find them rather comfortable. No good for nursing, as they are all encompassing, but they don't compress me (much) and the girls hardly move...
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    Re: flu, decreased supply

    Being ill sucks. It's three times worse when you've got a little one to care for!

    I second the oatmeal. Maybe I'm just sensitive to it, but I can always tell that there's an increase in my supply...
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    Re: tooth decay info

    This article on KellyMom discusses tooth decay. The closest I can find is this quote: "...the antibodies in breastmilk counteract the bacteria in the mouth that cause decay". However, it's good to...
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    3 yo un-weaned himself?

    My 3 yo DS1 had, I had thought, weaned. He went almost 2 months without asking to nurse. Then, a few days ago, he started requesting it again. He asks in the morning after he first wakes up, and then...
  9. Re: Mother taking supplements- help or hurt?

    I take prenatals, a calcium supplement, and a vitamin D supplement. My OB said to stay away from fish oil supplements because of the mercury risk (fish oil pills aren't regulated, so the mercury...
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    Re: Dairy Sensitivity?

    Just wanted to second what mommal said. Spit up is pretty much inevitable, and some babies just spit up more than others! As long as baby is happy, gaining appropriately, and not in apparent pain,...
  11. Re: nightweaning, toddler nursing, and other things

    I tried nightweaning DS1 at 18 months, when I was pregnant with DS2. I attempted the Gordon method. After just a couple of nights of screaming (much like what you're experiencing) I abandoned it. I...
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    Re: Breastfeeding fathers

    DH is very supportive of breastfeeding. He bonded with DS1 almost immediately. He wore DS1 for walks (summer baby), and sat up with him at night when he had his days and nights confused.

    DS2 was...
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    Re: First time mother in crisis

    You've gotten some excellent advice on how to continue breastfeeding during this period. I think maybe lllmeg is thinking of zofran? It's a kick-@$$ anti-nausea that dissolves under the tongue.

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    Re: Miserable Nights

    Is it possible she's still sensitive to dairy? My DS2 (who also turned on 1 on 12/20!) is sensitive to dairy. He generally gets very gassy and restless at night whenever I eat dairy. The more I eat,...
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    Made it to 1 year (again)!

    Today marks the first birthday of DS2, and a full year of breastfeeding for him! :love (DS1 is also still nursing occasionally, at 3.3 years. Wow.) I've been dairy free for 8 months. :eye Hard to...
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    How much water is okay?

    Hey all!

    DS2 (9.5 months old) has discovered water. He loves water. He will steal my straw cup and slurp and slurp away at it if I let him. It's to the point that he will occasionally refuse the...
  17. Re: First grandbaby first time mother.

    Congrats on the new grandbaby!

    I think it depends on who you talk to. My DS2 pooped every other day when he was a newborn. His pediatrician wasn't concerned, since he was have 8+ wets a day and...
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    Re: Vit D supplements?

    If that's the case, then I should have plenty in my system! :lol

    I'm not terribly worried about supplementing; DS2's feet and lower legs are tanned from our afternoon walks outdoors. Which earned...
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    Vit D supplements?

    Maybe ya'll can confirm/deny my suspicions...

    DS2 is 9 months old. At his well-check, his (very pro breastfeeding) pediatrician recommended vitamin D supplement because "breastmilk is low on...
  20. Re: Can BF really interfere with food consumption?

    Just because you reduce nursing doesn't mean those calories will be made up elsewhere. When I was pregnant with my second and my milk dried up, my then 20 month old did NOT make up the lack of...
  21. Re: Toddler and New Baby - HELP! **for New Beginnings**

    My first was 2.5 when his baby brother was born. We spent a lot of time snuggling on the couch reading books while I was nursing. Low key activities like coloring, or even playing with Duplos on the...
  22. Re: No longer a balanced partnership...

    I just have to say, you're an extremely patient woman! I think I would've run away and joined the circus were I in your shoes.

    I'm no doctor or psychologist, but it does sound to me like your...
  23. Re: Best baby carrier for convenient BF?

    Ring sling! You can nurse in just about any type of carrier, but I find a ring sling is easiest. Sleeping Baby Productions has super affordable slings, that are highly recommended by many. I...
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    Re: Night nursing

    Just a warning, night weaning does not necessarily negate night waking. We night weaned DS1 at around 20 months (Jay Gordon method, I was pregnant, and he was up every. two. hours. to nurse :eye )....
  25. 2.75 year old was nearly weaned, now constantly nursing

    DS1 is 2.75 years old, and until the last few weeks, had been nursing only once or twice a day. But the last couple of weeks, he's been asking to nurse constantly. More frequently than 5 month old...
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