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    Re: 18 months today!

    Congrats to you and your LO:clap, I always say nursing is addicting!
  2. Re: DD made me laugh so hard tonight during nursing

    I am cracking up at this! My DH doesn't hardly ever see BF sessions anymore and tonight was sitting in the room with us and got to witness DD being silly, acrobatics, humming while nursing stopping...
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    Re: Need some reassurance...

    You are doing great! He won't starve himself. Just read something my ped gave me on pickey eating toddlers and it says that sometimes offering frequent snacks keep that tummy a little full and then...
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    Re: yay for DD's ped.!

    Way to go Mama! Keep up the good work 18 mo wow that is great!:clap:love
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    Re: We made it a whole year!

    Good for you and your LO!:gvibes:clap:ita:D
  6. tired of feeding her the same foods

    My DD is 13 mo I asked the pediatrician for nutritional guidance and his advice, babies don't over eat feed her whatever she wants. Not very helpful. I am more of a clinical person and wanted a more...
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    Re: Please share your weaning story

    reading all your stories makes me sad :cry :refusal:mad:and mad at myself for thinking she should be weaning. My DD is 13 mo and I am following her lead nursing 3-4 times per day. The last 3 days her...
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    Re: Wean Yeah Right...

    thank you all. At work yesterday everyone was like "Your still pumping!!! Isn't she 1 yet" But if she needs bottles while I am gone then guess what I have to pump. The milk fairy doesn't come and...
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    Wean Yeah Right...

    You ever start a project you were interested in and thought was important to you then a year later realized you were addicted and in over your head...sometimes that is how I feel about nursing. I...
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    Re: 12 months! YEAH!

    Way to go :clap great job!
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    She Threw her sippy at me

    Funny...Tried to give DD EBM in sippy with lunch, after she had already nursed just to introduce milk in a cup to her. She took a sip, spit it out and literally threw her cup at me! Got a good laugh...
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    Re: freezer stash...GONE!!

    It will be alright! :hug to you. I found once I was back to work that freezer supply I killed myself making barely got used and I donated a bunch. So I send you some of my luck and say hang in there.
  13. Keep breastfeeding but cut out the bottle of EBM?

    My DD is 11 mo old, recieves EPM 2-3 bottles 3 days/week while I work. As we approach the 1 year mark I am getting anxious. I am tired of pumping at work for selfish reasons but willing to push...
  14. Re: Now what? What is your typical 10 mo old diet like?

    I guess I am really posting because everything I read is either BLS or cereal and purees and she is kinda somewhere in the middle????
  15. Now what? What is your typical 10 mo old diet like?

    Have been breastfeeding for 10 months now:clap. At 6 months we started with lumpy puree's because she choked too much on real solids. About a month ago she lost the urge to choke on anything not...
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    Re: organic: gerber vs. earth's best


    I found this out the hard way too. I do give my DD Earth's Best mostly but they had a more limited selection for foods so I also bought Gerber. Couldn't figure out why DD liked the Gerber...
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    Re: Picky eater or sick?

    Sounds like it is the cold. Make sure you are using a cool mist humidifier in bed room and even in the playroom if you have one to help keep any mucous moist and loose. Alot of times that alone will...
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    Re: 2yr. old won't eat

    Is LO constipated, might explain not wanting to put anyting else in if not enough is coming out. Just an idea.
  19. 9 months old and still chokes on foods

    So I EBF for 6 months (getting bottles of ebm 3 days a week while I'm at work). Went wonderful. Tried to start solids and DD refused all types of cereal/rice/oatmeal/barley so I went straight for the...
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    Re: Williams sonoma

    You know even bed bath and beyond sell covered ice cube trays which were pretty cheap. They had a double side by side of single row trays with lids. That is what I use. I just stack them up. I think...
  21. Any Moms take vitamins or nutrients

    I take a prenatal vitamin everyday. I am so tired everyday now. My DD is almost 7 mo EBF, sleeping generally well. I would say I get about at least 6 hours a night sometimes am spoiled and get 8 but...
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    Re: Polyvisol vitamins

    my ped has us giving dd a multi that has D, A , C and fluoride, he said after 6mo they need the fluoride and with it being winter she won't be in direct sunlight and extra C help prevent illness and...
  23. Re: Help is Bactrim and IVP dye for MRI safe?

    ugggg! So I just found this online

    According to Dr. Emanual Kanal of the International MR Safety Central Web Site: "More data are available for Magnevist than for the other agents. Magnevist is...
  24. Help is Bactrim and IVP dye for MRI safe?

    Tonight I had an emergency MRI/MRA done of my head. They had to give me IVP dye called Gadolinium. I have gotten so much conflicting information I don't know what to do:shrug. The ER doctor said wait...
  25. Re: just getting started and need a bit of advice

    Thank you all. I always BF then try to give her the solid about 30-45 min later. She only eats about a 1/2 tbs of puree at a time, except sweet potato which she loves! How essential is cereal? She...
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