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    Re: 6mo achievement :)

    Congrats, mama!
  2. Re: Looking for Reassurance - Dr is causing me to doubt myse

    Yes, I would agree with the previous poster. We had the same problem with my (now) two-year-old: at one visit during his first year, he was almost an inch shorter and almost pound lighter, and the...
  3. Re: Nearly Continuous Feeding of 1 week old

    Welcome to the boards, and congrats on your sweet new baby!

    As the pp said, expect this to be your routine for the next few weeks. Eventually, he will go longer between feedings, but right now...
  4. Re: really frustrated and dont want to give up

    Agreed. One of mine would go days without pooping, but as long as it's still soft and seedy, it's normal, not constipated. They seem so uncomfortable, and as if they're really struggling to get it...
  5. Re: Need help feeding 5 day old please!!!!!!!!!!! Stressing

    Thanks for the update, medic1! If her latch is good, once she gets past the cracked and sore nipples things will get a lot easier. Those first few weeks can be overwhelming, though! It's wonderful...
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    Re: Thank You!

    Congratulations! It's so great to hear that things are going well for you! Isn't it a great feeling to have worked past all those issues and to have gotten to the good stuff? :) Great job, mama!
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    Re: Need help with 6wk old

    Welcome to the boards! Does she seem to be satisfied after she comes off the breast? This just may be a time to offer more frequently for a few days.
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    Re: Anyone else have "mommy hand" ?

    I have had this, too, and yes, it's a common problem. I agree with the pp that the splints should really help.
  9. Re: really frustrated and dont want to give up

    What is making you think he needs more? Is he fussier that time of day even after nursing? That is a really common time to want to nurse constantly, especially at that age. The fact that he doesn't...
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    Re: We did it!

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work, mama!
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    Re: Nursing toddler in public in US

    I second this. It's not always about being offended or embarrassed -- if you look like you don't want anyone to notice you, people often WILL avert their eyes to give you that sense of privacy your...
  12. Re: 4 1/2 month old not gaining weight. Ped concerned!!

    I went through this with my now-8-year-old and cosleeping is what helped the most. I let her nurse all night if she needed to, and her weight gain rebounded (and so did my supply!). Good luck, mama!...
  13. Re: daycare accidentally fed LO someone else's bottle?

    I would address it with the teachers first to see what the explanation might be. But if you believe it was not your milk, I would make sure the center director knows.
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    Re: Hooray!!!

    What wonderful news! And good work, mama! :)
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    Re: Stomach virus in 5 month old

    My experience: nursing on demand will help more than offering pedialyte or attempting to limit him. His body knows how much it needs. The antibodies from your milk may also help shorten the virus for...
  16. Re: One week back at work and already frustrated. . .

    Does your nanny have experience with breastfeeding babies, or is she used to formula "requirements"? It may be that the baby needs more milk during the day... but it also may be that she needs to be...
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