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    Baby feeding and breast milk drying up

    It seems that lately my breasts can't produce enough milk for my lo (11 weeks). I feed him and he seems very very hungry after eating. I started back to work 2 days a week and I can only pump 1.5...
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    Re: too much sleep and oversupply

    I've read that babies like to snack when they aren't getting enough hind milk. This may be the reason your lo snacks when awake. My lo also seems to snack when awake for a few hours. I would just...
  3. Re: Flailing around while on the breast - help!

    My DS is also a flailer. I found that holding his hands helps. The football hold works well for me. I can tuck one arm under him and the other under my arm. I always tuck his bottom arm under...
  4. Sucking/Rooting Problems with a Newborn (long post)

    Hello all,

    I'm having breast feeding problems with a 10 day old. He appears to latch on well and has a strong sucking ability. Also, he seems to be eating well (producing well over 5-6...
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