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    baby prefers bottles now

    I had to return to work a month ago, and so I pump milk for her to have from a bottle while I'm gone. We had been doing great breastfeeding until recently--now she pulls off and cries at the breast,...
  2. Re: help - 5 mo nose congested, what if can't nurse?

    In addition to the saline drops and snot sucker, you can also sit with your LO in a bathroom where the shower is running very hot--the steam is great for unclogging a nose enough to let a baby nurse....
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    Re: Soy formula ?'s

    There may be worries about soy, but I'm not sure there are any documented studies showing any real link between those concerns and soy formulas...

    This is from Dr Sears website (the link by PP...
  4. Re: age to start solids...advice please

    Thank you for the great links! I was particularly interested that they found NO research that shows a "window of opportunity" for starting solid foods between 4-6 mo, but lots of research for health...
  5. age to start solids...advice please

    I had been planning to introduce solids to my LO when she is 6 mo old, but lately I've had dozens of people tell me that I should start now (4 1/2 mo old). My pediatrician said that there is a window...
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    Re: Baby chokes/gags sometimes

    Glad to know that its fairly common and should decrease with age (my lo is 3 mo). Thank you--that's very reassuring!
  7. Re: DD won't poop without suppositories

    Some moms say that if they eat prunes or drink prune juice and breastfeed, their LO will act as if they had it! I've never tried, but it couldn't hurt to try it. I would realy avoid suppositories...
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    Baby chokes/gags sometimes

    My LO is ebf and thriving overall...but I'm concerned because she will occasionally choke (or gag, I cant tell which it is) for no apparent reason. Sometimes its quick, but sometimes it lasts a...
  9. Frozen milk with ice crystals at the top

    I am getting ready to thaw some of my bagged frozen milk--at the very top of the bag it has some little crystals on the milk from where a little air was left in the bag. Is that freezer burn? Will it...
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    Aches and pains!

    I need some advice on two BF positioning issues--

    First, during the day my back is killing me because I'm a bit hunched over while my LO nurses. I'm tall, and one Boppy pilow isnt high enough and...
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    Re: ex-lax

    I think colace (sp?) is safe--its a stool softener instead of a stimulant like ex-lax. Any drug store should have it over the counter. HTH:gvibes
  12. Re: giving up on bf, switching to pump only

    Just a quick update--yesterday we had our very first 24 hrs with NO bottles! The weekend was really tough but we stuck with it and now she seems to be 'getting it', BF more and more everyday...Im...
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    Re: HELP - low milk supply

    There is a separate forum for "Increasing your Milk Supply" further down the list....I'm sure you'll get lots of good advice!

    Also, it took me weeks to build up a supply by pumping regularly and...
  14. Re: giving up on bf, switching to pump only

    Thank you for the info about supply drop/regain, and also for the success story! It really helps to hear that this type of BF weekend made a difference for you...:gvibes
  15. Re: giving up on bf, switching to pump only

    Quick question: I finally saw a LC who recommended that I try an all-breast, no-bottle weekend to see if my LO could "get it" if the artifical nipple was taken out of the equation...so I am putting...
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    Re: no poop!

    I called my pediatrician once when my LO didnt have any poops for two days, and was told that is nothing to worry about with a BF baby as long as they are having wet diapers and no signs of...
  17. Re: giving up on bf, switching to pump only

    Thanks for the info & suggestions. I have not seen a LC yet but will soon. I wasnt able to drive due to my own recovery until last week, and I couldnt find a LC who would make a house call (I tried...
  18. Re: giving up on bf, switching to pump only

    Exactly!!! I spend the whole day trying to feed the baby (breast), actually feeding the baby (EBM), and then pumping to feed the baby later...my husband thinks I should be out doing things, but this...
  19. Re: giving up on bf, switching to pump only

    JUst wanted to thank you all for the good info and links and encouragement! One of the articles posted did mention that some babies spontaneously figure out how to bf between 4-6 weeks, so I will...
  20. Re: giving up on bf, switching to pump only

    Thanks for the response. How did your babies make the change to be able to nurse well after weeks of not being able to? What helped? My LO was bottle-fed in the NICU, and she will only suck weakly on...
  21. giving up on bf, switching to pump only

    Well, my LO is almost four weeks old now, and still hasnt been able to learn how to latch well enough to get any real milk from the breast. I am ready to give up on trying to get her to latch better...
  22. Re: transition from bottle to breast not working

    Thank you, those suggestions are helpful. I will try to get the flow going a bit before bf'ing--I've been "saving it all" for baby, but she might be more successful if it was easier at the beginning....
  23. Re: transition from bottle to breast not working

    Thanks for the words of wisdom--glad to hear you are able to reduce the formula after four weeks. I will try changing her in between breasts to see if she wakes up a bit. I'm trying to pump...
  24. transition from bottle to breast not working

    My baby spent most of her first week in the neonatal intensive care, where she was bottle fed exclusively. We were able to bring her home and I am trying to gently transition her to breastfeeding,...
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