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    Re: birthday cake alternative

    You could try some vegan recipes that also use alternatives to sugar. Or better yet, see if there are vegan bakeries in your area.
  2. Re: Very Unusual Food Allergy..to sweet potato!?!?!

    sorry i'm late to this post, but my LO has had a reaction in the form of bad diaper rash to a sweet potato/yam puree as well as a butternut squash puree. but not to carrots or acorn squash (which is...
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    Re: low milk supply?

    You could try taking Fenugreek, which helps increase milk production (I use Nature's Way capsules, which are quite affordable). Be careful about how many you take, however, since it can lead to so...
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    Re: Do Green Beans Cause Gas?

    My LO (6.5 months) got gassy after pureed green beans, too!
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    Re: Breast Infection???

    I just recovered from a bout with mastitis -- I'd been taking Fenugreek to up my milk production since my LO was eating so much at night, then must've got a plugged duct.

    At any rate, I took...
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    Re: Anti depressants and breastfeeding?

    Perhaps some people may be able to treat mild depression and/or anxiety with therapy, exercise, or other means, but those who have serious depression/anxiety do need medication.

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    Re: Anti depressants and breastfeeding?

    The book "Pregnancy Blues" has a lot of good info on the effectiveness of anti-depressants both pre- and postpartum, and it helps ease any worries one might have about the effects of the medication...
  8. Re: HELP! 4 month old too impatient to breastfeed!

    When my LO gets fussy at the breast sometimes I wait 5 or 10 or however many minutes after my first try and then nurse again. Also my LO always seems to be fussy for several days after her shots --...
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    Re: pacifier vs. thumb/finger sucking

    I think whatever works for the baby is fine and don't worry what other people say. My LO took a paci when she was just born, then went on both a bottle and paci strike for a couple months, then at...
  10. Re: he screams and cries, I THOUGHT it was teething...

    My LO went through a "weird" phase last month when she was 4 months old -- both in terms of sleep and nursing. I think your situation might be a sign of pre-teething.
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    Re: Help! Why won't he sleep?!

    What worked really well for my now 3 1/2-month-old LO was, believe it or not, turning on the hair dryer (on the cool setting so it didn't burn out). After I realized that she would calm down and go...
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    Re: challanges with bottle

    I'm currently going through the same thing. Would like my husband to be able to feed her and also to be able to leave the house for errands -- like getting my hair cut! When my baby was just...
  13. Re: Need help badly ... too early to call??

    ^I second the post about using lanolin. When I was at the hospital with my baby I forgot to bring Lansinoh and man did my nipples hurt. As soon as I started using it the pain decreased greatly.
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    Re: White Nipples

    Thank you! I have this problem as well and was wondering what it was.
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    Re: Fussing at the breast

    My 11-week-old fusses at the breast fairly often, especially the right one (who knows why!). She'll pull herself off and also wave her arms around. I just keep at it until I'm sure she's had enough...
  16. Re: Baby crying alot - is it becuase of the shots??

    My 9 week old had her shots on Wednesday and was definitely fussier afterwards. Wednesday night and Thursday she had a mild fever. Friday she was OK but Saturday she didn't want to sleep much and...
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