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    Re: Any nursing in an Ergo experts? :)

    I am trying to remember when I started nursing in it... maybe three months? We were probably done with the insert. But I would just way loosen the hip belt, and the straps, until he was down a lot...
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    Re: How do you keep going?

    Do you think you are taking care of yourself the way you should be? Getting as much rest as possible (I know this is not easy), eating enough healthy foods and protein, drinking water, getting...
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    Re: very painful bump

    :ita And ouch. I still remember my first and only one maybe four years ago. Hope it resolves soon!
  4. Re: Need help weaning newborn off nipple shield

    Have you met with a lactation consultant? That might prove very helpful in working on positioning and improving his latch, if it's still causing you soreness. With both kids I spent the first six...
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    Re: Thank you!!

    :clap That is AWESOME! The ladies on this site saved my breastfeeding relationship with both of my babies. I am forever indebted. :love
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    Re: best manual hand pump?

    I use(d) the Medela Harmony as needed and have been happy with it. There are definite benefits to using a manual pump sometimes - not having to plug anything in or have a big setup is awesome!...
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    Re: Fussiness while nursing

    I'm sorry you posted a week ago with no response! How is your baby doing now? Is she fussy when nursing throughout the day or just at certain times? Sometimes an overactive letdown, as Cassi...
  8. Re: Breastmilk in the bottle - overeating?

    Hello! A baby's tummy is roughly the size of his fist, so 7 oz. does seem like quite a bit for a newborn, especially in two hours! I think at that age we were doing 3 oz. at a time... Sometimes...
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    Re: Abrasion won't heal?

    Is it constantly white (after nursing, before nursing, in between) or does it ever change color? I have had a white spot on one nipple for as long as I have been nursing babies (so 4 1/2 years off...
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    Re: Alcohol and breast milk

    How old is your baby?
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    Re: Clicking noise during feeding?

    Do you have any pain when nursing, or before or after? I'm not sure if I would worry much if baby is gaining and nursing is going well. But if things are getting uncomfortable, I think clicking can...
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    Re: Really stuffy nose

    I would not assume a stuffy nose is due to OS. I would think it is teething related or (more likely) a minor cold. It would help to use saline drops or BM in her nostrils and maybe clear her nose...
  13. Re: EBF for 4 months-having pain again

    The latching and unlatching could be related to a growth spurt, or teething.

    Have either of you had antibiotics lately? Do your nipples look any different? (red, bright pink, scaly, etc.)
  14. Re: Amoxicillin while breastfeeding...

    I have had quite a bit of dental work done and have never needed to pump due to the medications used. I did have one dentist who recommended I pump and dump for 24 hours (!!) after having a cavity...
  15. Re: Not making enough to feed her! Dr said to supplement

    I'm so sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted. Those first few weeks are so challenging especially since you have two other kids at home! I really struggled with my second, with a...
  16. Re: Swollen/infected montgomery gland? Ouch!

    OK, I will try some warm compresses tonight. It is so bad. :cry I had to cut Jackson off several times today because it was so painful.
  17. Re: Swollen/infected montgomery gland? Ouch!

    His latch is not helping but I don't think it's the cause - it's still pretty normal on the other side. I am going to start taking Motrin though. The other side is a lightweight so he gets mad if I...
  18. Swollen/infected montgomery gland? Ouch!

    I have a swelling right next to the nipple (on the aereola) and I think maybe it's an infected or plugged Montgomery gland. Does anyone have experience with this? It is EXCRUCIATING when he latches...
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    Re: Intense burning after feeding

    It could be exactly what you said - painful refilling. I had that with both LOs early on, but it did fade after a couple of months. It felt like painful tingling for me. Also, do your nipples change...
  20. Re: PG/BF 2005-2012. Thanks for the supp

    Milk pots! :lol Love it. Kids are so freaking cute!
    Congrats mama on a huge achievement!!
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    Re: Pumping chit chat 3

    I'm dragging my pump along on a visit to see my parents Thursday, in case I get super uncomfortable. I will probably be gone from DS about 8 hours. We nurse on demand at home... do you ladies think I...
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    Re: Yay! We made it!

    Congrats Anna!! And :hb Lucas. :D I remember waiting impatiently to see who was going to go into labor first! You, Susan, Tracie, me... :lol
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    Re: Favorite binky reccomendations

    Mam here, too... and he didn't even start taking those until 7 months. I had tried all of the other brands when he was a newborn, then randomly picked up some Mams right before a road trip at 7...
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    Re: Weaning

    :love :happytears That is amazing Jenna. For this and so many other reasons I am grateful to know you.
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    Re: Raynaud's Syndrome - HELP!!

    I have not been diagnosed with Raynaud's but have had vasospasms with both of my babies in the newborn period. They were so painful. Ibuprofen was the only thing that helped. Cutting out caffeine...
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