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    Re: nursing a 22 month old too much?

    My 20 month old nurses 3x a night or so still. I have her trundle bed right next to my side of the bed, and she's up-down, up-down, up-down during the night. It can be a little disruptive to my...
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    Re: Family Criticism

    My MIL was the same as yours, with comments about it being disgusting to nurse toddlers or to tandem nurse. She also wanted to bottle feed LO. I think being around her first grandchild triggered all...
  3. Re: Any of you working moms pump for your kids over 1yo while they are at sitter's?

    My LO is 13 months. I pump once a day at work, about 3 ounces. She has it in a cup with her lunch the next day. She added an extra night nursing session a week after I started back.
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    Re: when to start beans?

    We did beans at eight months. No problems with blank beans and her favorite, refried pintos, but edamame were a whole different story! We haven't tried them in a month or so because they gave her the...
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    Re: Is this a clogged duct?

    Ouch! I feel for you!

    If you see the little white dot that Jessica was talking about, you can kind of squeeze it out like a blackhead. Just have a towel nearby to catch the milk! Boy those things...
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    Re: mesh feeders?

    I use lemon juice and salt to get the banana stains out then wash the meshes with regular dish washing soap.

    LO would rather get her hands directly on her food, so we mostly use the feeder for...
  7. Re: Not sleeping through the night...

    Cosleeping in the same bed works for us. The night I learned to nurse lying down, I had the best night's sleep since lo had been born. Woke up feeling actually rested, it was great. Now I sleep...
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    Re: Do I HAVE to have a Breast Pump?

    mommytobe, here's a link to a manual expression guide: http://www.lactationinstitute.org/MANUALEX.html

    Also, here's a video showing the technique:...
  9. Water and the diaper that couldn't hold it...

    So my MIL came down for a long weekend and took my 7 month old DD out for long walks. They had a great time together, it was very sweet. However, while MIL was here, DD's night diapers couldn't...
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    Re: a few questions

    My LO does this gumming thing too before she latches, or sometime's she will pop on and off a few times before gtting down to it. It seems to induce a letdown.
  11. Re: Color of baby's stools - 3 months

    Wow, they sound beautiful. :lol

    I like this link about poop: http://www.drjaygordon.com/development/pediatricks/poop.asp
  12. Re: pumping every 3 hours for 3 weeks now

    Mama, you are having a hard time. :hug Pumping around the clock is tough! I did it for three months before my LO would latch on. TG that's behind us. It sounds like your LO is nursing as well as he...
  13. Re: Gas... could it be Fenugreek? Exercise? Try Gripe water??

    I don't think exercise would cause gas. It sounds like he's still at the age when he needs some help to get the gas out and is starting to think of it as uncomfortable. One thing that helped us was...
  14. Re: Breastfeeding is not going well, please help

    Big hugs mama! You sound like you are having a rough time. First, you should know that pumping and breast feeding at the same time is incredibly challenging. Anyone who can do both deserves a medal,...
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    Re: Stinky gas

    Yeah, that's about the age when dd earned the nickname 'Stinky McFartigan.' The stinkiness dwindled away eventually around four months, about the time she learned she could fart herself by grabbing...
  16. Interesting article on breastfed babies and solids

    Hi all. There's an interesting article about breastfeeding and solids in today's Guardian.

    "Scientists have discovered another reason why breast is best. Already associated with increased...
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    Re: Mesh Feeder ?

    Thanks for the link to the previous posts, only.woman.in.the.house. I didn't realize there was any controversy about the feeders. I also thought they were choke-proof. Does anyone have anymore info...
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    Re: New positions?

    There's a link at this side for vertical nursing in a sling which you both might like: http://www.taylormadeslings.com/instructions.html
  19. Re: Situational selective breastfeeding-3 ½ months of trying

    :hug Big hugs! You sound very frustrated. It is so difficult when the nursing relationship doesn't work out easily. But you've come to the right place for support. There are so many wonderful women...
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    Re: Rejects Left Breast

    You know, I've been thinking about this. My sister has OALD too but then she went back to work and wasn't constantly breastfeeding and so it lessened a bit. I've read that after the first few months...
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    Re: hot weather nursing

    The heat waves can be scary. We don't have air conditioning, so we played in the tub a lot to stay cool. I also would give LO a bottle with BM in it to play with and suck on in between the naps....
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    Re: Rejects Left Breast

    Hi, my LO had a similar aversion to my right breast but because the milk didn't let down as fast in that one. She refused to take it except while she was sleeping, so the supply in it went way down. ...
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    Re: ready to give up after 6 months

    :hug Lots of hugs, mama. My LO is about the same age as yours and is also a nap and nighttime nurser. She doesn't cue either, so I flip it out pretty regularly for her. She's very clear when she...
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    Introducing new foods

    My LO loves food. She's almost seven months now, and if she sees us eating, she'll try and take the food from us. The other day at the breakfast table, she lunged forward in her chair, pulled my...
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    Re: mesh feeder

    I give it a good scrub with a rubber sponge to get the gunk out and then another scrub with salt and lemon juice to disinfect it and get out the stains. It only takes a few minutes to get it clean....
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