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  1. Re: Is she weaning or is it a nursing st

    Well, about 4 months have passed since my original post and sadly, that was the end of our nursing :(. She's been fine but she still asks for it a few time per week. Much as I would LOVE to resume...
  2. Re: Is she weaning or is it a nursing st

    Not a chance I'm afraid :(. Of that I am positive.
  3. Re: Is she weaning or is it a nursing st

    Unfortunately, she's not even wanting to taste my milk anymore. I don't think it has a salty taste as I'm expressing twice per day for 15 minutes a time (when she doesn't feed, which is all the time...
  4. Re: Nursing strike leading to weaning HE

    Just reading this post as I am having similar issues. She's only nursed 2 times all week and the last time was Tuesday bedtime (it's now Friday). I have a post on it in this forum. She just bites...
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    Re: No breastfeeding causes bullying?

    IMO that's the kind of statement that gets people's back up about "breastfeeders". Throwing those kind of statements around when there is not well documented scientific proof, just makes people...
  6. Re: Is she weaning or is it a nursing st

    Thanks for your feedback. I have tried the game thing - a co-leader suggested that but haven't had luck with it as of yet. I have tried squirting milk into her moth but she makes a funny face, like...
  7. Is she weaning or is it a nursing strike

    I know 18 months is young to truly self wean BUT i think it sadly might be happening. Despite it being sudden (which I know usually indicates a nursing strike) I am starting to think that it could...
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    Re: Is it time to throw in the towel?

    Firstly, well done to you for persistence.

    I found this on a site about relactation. You may want to try Fenugreek or speak to your doctor about medications that you could take by prescription if...
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