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    Re: Best exercise when BF?

    Sorry, now that the school year is in full swing and I'm doing some regular tutoring, my computer time is being spent in other ways, and I didn't see this question till tonight.

    I do have a...
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    Re: Nipple Level 1 or 2?

    My (numerous) lactation consultants have always told me that a baby shouldn't take more than 10 minutes per oz with a bottle but that there isn't a lower limit other than the child's comfort and...
  3. Re: breast milk in sippy cup for toddler

    When my second had trouble learning to breastfeed, I had to pump for him, but he ate only about half of what I pumped. I was freezing a stash in case we had to go down the EPing road again (thank...
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    Re: Best exercise when BF?

    I am not an avid exerciser but do get out on walks most days with my little ones. We often walk to nearby parks, they play, and then we walk home. I'm almost always pushing one, if not both, in a...
  5. Re: Possible that one breast is drying u

    The PP gave great advice.

    I just thought I'd share my own experience with second child. He had sucking problems from birth and really only learned to breastfeed around 2 months of age. And then...
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    Re: Can't get letdown


    Warmth was always really important for me when I pumped. During the cold of winter, I often heated up a rice sock for my neck or back before I pumped, and I also used it on my...
  7. Re: Need help...feeling discouraged!

    I just wanted to ask what sort of pump you are using? If it's not hospital-grade, you might consider renting one as that would probably boost your supply over time.

    It's not too late to get your...
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    Re: Flow Preference?

    You've gotten great advice so far. I definitely second the breastflow bottles (though they don't work for every baby). It might take a little time for your LO to adjust, though.

    I also second...
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    Re: Nystatin cream in his mouth?

    I had a hard time finding Gentian Violet--not at Walmart or CVS or Rite Aid. I found it at a mom and pop pharmacy in a nearby town. My husband made phone calls to find it.

    I never gave my baby...
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    Re: Nystatin cream in his mouth?

    When I had thrush with baby #1, I used Nystatin cream on my nipples but an oral suspension in the baby's mouth. You might need to reapply the cream after a nursing because it will get washed away,...
  11. Re: Breastfeeding a baby with Down Syndr

    Congratulations on your new little one.

    I don't have experience with Down Syndrome, but my second child had a disorganized suck, and we did have to use the dancer hold (mentioned earlier with...
  12. Re: 4 month old not gaining much weight

    Great news. Thanks for the update.
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    Re: Looking for Pump Recommendation

    The pump-in-style original in my experience is much harder on the breasts than the newer versions with the double phase expression technology. You also need to be careful that you're not turning the...
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    Re: Latching and strange sleep?

    It is possible for your baby to have more trouble with one breast than with another, and it's okay for her to get all her nourishment on one side. I'd try to keep the supply up in the other (hand...
  15. Re: 4 month old not gaining much weight

    Wow! Nursing every two hours while at work is great; I'm glad your husband was able to bring her. That will help her weight gain and your supply if there are any issues.

    It sounds like you're...
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    Re: feeling lost

    I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm afraid that I don't have much time to write, but I did want to respond quickly that having gotten the scale will be a very valuable tool for you. Try to do...
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    Re: Donor milk

    There are different avenues. I sent mine to bank in Indiana (http://www.immb.org) run through the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (www.hmbana.org). It wasn't the closest to me when...
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    Re: 2nd baby 1st time pumping

    I have to agree with the previous posters that while donor milk is great if you can't produce enough yourself (I used it myself when I needed to, and since then, I've given it), your body is...
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    Re: breast flow bottles

    Oh, I feel for you. My first never managed to nurse successfully, and I EPed for thirteen months. When my second had sucking problems, and I had to break out bottles once again, I cried and cried...
  20. Re: 4 month old not gaining much weight

    Good advice from previous posters.

    I just wanted to ask if you remember the state of your daughter's diaper and tummy at her last weight check. If she had a full diaper and empty tummy, that...
  21. Re: Does a shallow latch really get bett

    Dr. Jack Newman is my breastfeeding guru, and he sure is passionate about the asymmetric latch, but he also says that if the mom is comfortable and the baby is getting milk, then it's a good latch,...
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    Re: Should I continue to try?

    I'm sorry you're going through this.

    I haven't dealt with OALD, but you've gotten some good advice from previous posters, and hopefully more will chime in.

    I just wanted to say from the...
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    Re: Trouble with twins

    Congratulations on having and nursing twins, mama! Good for you!

    A lot of women can use nipple shields quite successfully, but some do have trouble. In my case, the nipple shield was too small...
  24. Re: Staying at the breast? Supplement ne

    Are you familiar with breast compression? This is a link to a youtube video that shows the technique. (It's a little slow at the start but gets better.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RymUDeCAt18...
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    Re: Question about Pumping

    Could you ask the LC to look into finding a place where you can rent a scale? She might have connections. That was very helpful for us when my son was learning to breastfeed and we were cutting out...
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