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  1. Re: 6 weeks & struggling - poor latch, tongue tie *LONG*

    Here's a good video from Dr Kotlow showing aftercare stretching exercises. The idea is to stretch as far as the area will go to retain the new range of motion, and to massage the wound site to...
  2. Re: 6 weeks & struggling - poor latch, tongue tie *LONG*

    Oh, mama. I hear you. :hug I am on my phone, so can't type much, but we have been in the same boat with our third baby (who is now 3.5 months old). Look around Dr Kotlow's website and see if any of...
  3. Re: Ouch! Not biting, per se, but more "latching with teeth"

    Ouch! Changing positions can help, as you've found. Any position that tilts his head pretty far back will help. Sometimes you can keep the same positions, but move him lower down so that he has to...
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    Re: Should I Do Something?

    That he seems content and healthy is a good thing! May I ask why you guys are using a shield? Some hands on help might be useful to check intake, work on dropping the shield, and generally ease your...
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    Re: Let The Distractions Begin!

    :ita with the nursing necklace! We're deep in distractionland, too. I really should go find that necklace...
  6. Re: 5 week old refuses right side/gets angry when try to lat

    I would highly recommend hands on help from an IBCLC, but a couple of things you can try in the meantime are laid-back nursing (you reclining and babe on top of you) and nursing in exactly the same...
  7. Re: Latch Issues-I really need help-long post

    Honestly, it gave me a lot more understanding of women who say they tried but just couldn't breast feed. Even knowing what to do, I was very nearly one of them. I can only imagine going through...
  8. Re: Latch Issues-I really need help-long post

    We just went through this. It was hell. I bled for the first month, got infected several times, in so much pain I was crying, it was terrible. It really affected everything: bonding with my daughter,...
  9. Re: mommy sick - baby breaks out in head to toe red blotches

    If what you had was strep, it's just possible your little one did, too, and it manifested as scarlet fever. This usually goes away on its own, but is pretty important to rule it out or treat with...
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    Re: teething or an allergy?

    I'm experiencing the same thing with my little one the past week or so. Eliminating dairy (and not replacing it with soy, since there is a lot of crossover in sensitivity), but not seeing any...
  11. Re: How long before you dry up? Plugged ducts....

    If what you want is to help your milk dry up faster, then applying cabbage leaves to your breasts will help. You can just crush the leaves a bit, then slip them into your bra for a good while,...
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    Re: Any more advice?

    When you say she has a bad appetite, do you mean that she doesn't seem to want much food? Is that the case only for breast milk, or solids, too? I'm wondering if she might be allergic/intolerant to...
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    Re: Pediatrician wants me to wean....

    It does NOT lose its nutritional value ever. http://kellymom.com/ages/older-infant/ebf-benefits/
  14. Re: sensitive gag reflex - just go with a bad latch?

    Thank you, Leslie. :love
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    Re: Crying while nursing

    I hope this doesn't sound dismissive, but if it is in the evening as part of cluster-feeding, it is very possible that it is just a fussy, tired part of the day. I We call it the "witching hour" at...
  16. Re: Baby opens mouth big but closes down on nipple

  17. Re: 26 month old son nursing ALL.THE.TIME????

    Is he getting his 2 year molars or working on a developmental milestone? I found with my son that when he was teething, he REALLY wanted the comfort of nursing. And frequently, when he was working...
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    Re: Pediatrician wants me to wean....

    :ita I'd also blow off the 6 week weight check. If he's healthy and meeting milestones, he's fine! He really sounds like he's a good weight, and if there are no other concerns with his health,...
  19. Re: Baby opens mouth big but closes down on nipple

    That sounds like what my three babies have all done during the initial letdown (I have a crazy fast and big letdown). I have found it helpful to let my babies suckle until the letdown starts, then...
  20. sensitive gag reflex - just go with a bad latch?

    So, I think I've finally gotten things in hand with the cracking I had after Mollie was born. We worked on her tongue motion during nursing, and that is better. The important thing is that my...
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    Re: Dilated milk duct?!?

    Thank you! :love She's just wonderful.

    I think you're right. I think we probably just explore our bodies more, pay closer attention to them, when there is a problem that we are trying to solve....
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    Re: Dilated milk duct?!?

    That has always been normal in my breasts when they are full and/or letting down.
  23. Re: Desoximetasone Cream/Jerky Head Movements

    Talk to your pediatrician if you're worried, but it has been my experience that a lot of little kids have a physical way that they discharge excess energy or emotion, usually joy, love, excitement,...
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    Re: Normal???

    It's really common. The way the nose and mouth are connected in little ones allows milk to flow out the nose, even during nursing sometimes. :D Disconcerting, but perfectly fine.
  25. Re: 6 week old "snacking" in the middle of the night

    6 weeks is a big growth spurt, and I think beyond needing to eat more frequently (which they do need at growth spurts) growing babies need pretty frequent reassurance and comfort, which they seek...
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