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    Re: Thank u all!!!

    I don;t kNOW what my ped was thinking. But she had me in a tiffy for nothing!:rolleyes: BTW - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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    Thank u all!!!

    I must admit, I was thinking that something was wrong with my little man. He is 5 mos and a little over 17lbs, and CUTE as he can be I must add :love. Anyhow, my pediatrician told me to give him...
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    Re: Will my Supply decrease if....

    Thank you ladies. I will try to pump at least once durng my work day. I really enjoy bfing & i dont want to lose my sopply.
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    Will my Supply decrease if....

    I give my LO formula while at daycare, and not pump at work, and just feed him after work and through the night to the morning????

    I have returned backk to work for about 3 weeks now, and I have...
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    Re: should I pump?

    Well, My LO would nurse only one side at a time and still does most of the time now (he's 14weeks). I would be tooo lazy to get up and pump the side that he didn't nurse on. So, I just...
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    Re: Getting Ready To Quit

    That's crazy!!! Tell your help to please not give the baby nothin but breastmilk. My sitter's assistant tried to give my baby some darn carrots at 11 weeks. I WAS PI$$ED!!
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    Re: I need support...advice

    I am sorry that you are having the sore and cracked nipples. I have not had them, so I don't have any advice. But I can give you support. My little star is 10 weeks, and after the first two weeks,...
  8. Re: can you just wait two minutes?

    OMG, I am sorry. I work in the same population (I'm an SLP) and I totally understand your frustration. Hang in there, your doing great!!
  9. Re: Having the discipline to stay on pumping schedule

    That is a great idea. I go back to work on Monday and I am going to have to get on a pump schedule.
  10. Re: Lingual Frenectomy & Latching Issues - Help!

    I agree with the pp. As an speech therapist, I have seen children who had a very short frenulum, that significantly reduced their tongue mobility to the point that you could not understand a word...
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    Re: Oatmeal Does Work!

    what kind of oatmeal is it?
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    Re: We made it to 6 months!!!!

    :clap :cheer C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S :clap :cheer

    :cheer :cheer "WE ARE PROUD OF YOU" "WE ARE PROUD OF YOU" "HEY - HEY"

    That is also my goal, I have 5 months to go, I hope to one day say...
  13. Re: silly question...but really don't know what to do

    I usually fall asleep while he's nursing and he doesn't get burped unless he gets a diaper change. I haven't had any problems with doing it that way.
  14. Re: embarrassed but hopefully not alone...

    I don't have any experience with smoking personally, but from others around me, I know that it can be very addictive and hard to break. I just want to send some words of support. I know that it...
  15. Re: She's fine - I'm the one who's confused!

    Awww. I am sorry that u are going through this. I think u r awesome for pumping for 1 year for ur son, & even with ur daughter . I don't know much about bfing, but I believe that breastmilk is...
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    Re: Help! Don't wanna to give up.

    I just posted a similar thread, so I can truly understand. I don't have any advice, only encouragement ---You can do it, don't give up. I am sure you are doing an excellent job, and it is a...
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    Re: Need Words of Encouragement!!`

    Wow Ladies - THANKS for ALL of your supportive words. I truly appreciate them!!! It makes me feel better to know that I do not have to feel bad for having 2nd thoughts on this and realising that...
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    Re: morning grunting & fussiness

    My LO (5 wks ) grunts, fusses, and arches his back off and on all day especially during nap times that he is not completely sleep. Sometimes I let it go and not address it if it doesn't escalate. ...
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    Need Words of Encouragement!!`

    This may sound pathetic, but I am in need of encouragement!!:o I have mixed feelings about :bfing : On the "+" side, I LOVE being able to provide my LO with the best food for his body, and I LOVE...
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    Re: pumping to build up supply

    Thanks!! BVery Good advice!!
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    Re: When to pump?

    I have been pumping since he was born with a manual pump and recently rented an electric pump. I think you should start now and get a little stock in the freezer. It has been soo helpful when hubby...
  22. Re: can someting I'm eating cause my baby to have congestion

    Very interesting. I drink at least 1 glass of skim milk daily and eat string cheese and chees crackers. My son is congested at times but when I use the syringe, nothing comes out, then it...
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    Re: baby rash

    I agree, possibly a heat rash. My LO has it also. It makes me feel bad.. I keep him dressed as lightly as I can, but I don't want him in only a diaper. He lives in onesies. I can't wait until...
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    Re: When am I supposed to pump???

    Do you have a Boppy pillow?? My LO LOVES to be held also, He is almost 4 weeks old, and not much entertains him for long either. I place him in the Boppy seat in front of me and wrap it around him...
  25. Re: Spitting up & Nipple Pain... recommendations?? advice????

    Thank you ladies for your answers to my questions. I will give it another week with my mild pain, and if it continues, I will go check the initial latch on. Thanks so much for the support and...
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