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    Re: Unusual Problem

    I tried very hard with my first but she ended up being bottle fed. I too rented the hospital pump, nursed constantly, got help from two lactation consultants. When pregnant with my second, I found...
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    Re: Desperate Father

    Another tip not mentioned is to get a supplemental nutrition system to feed the formula for now - it is like a little bottle that holds the formula with two little tubes that come down taped to the...
  3. Re: LO loves pacifier... can breast become pacifier?

    Yep., I would try it.:clap
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    Re: Won't swallow food

    I would try to ignore it - see if it seems to be all food or only certain sizes of pieces, certain textures, etc. They are weird at that age - my DS won't touch a cracker or cookie or anything else...
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    Re: Doctor advised me to stop because...

    If I was nursing my 21 month old ONLY for the nutritional benefits of breastmilk, I would still do it. If I was nursing him ONLY for the antibodies, I would do it and if I were nursing him only for...
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    Re: Breastfeeding baby to sleep

    This is probably not helpful, but I have always nursed my 21 month old to sleep, we co-sleep, I nurse if he wakes at night, and I just don't worry about it at all. It works for us and I see no reason...
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    Re: medela pump makes airy noise

    That happened with my ameda purely yours - took me a while to discover a tiny hole in the tubing leading to the pump.Once that was replaced, I noticed a huge difference in the effectiveness of the...
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    Re: Sucking with teeth...

    exact same thing happened to me but my lo was 7-8 months when the top teeth came in. Same thing, cracked nipples, agony to nurse, worse to pump, using lansinoh etc etc. Long story short we got...
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    Re: Round the clock nursing - help!

    Don't try to hold out and make her nurse less often. The more you take out of the breast, the more it produces.Sure, you will be fuller after an hour and a half , but when your breast is full, it...
  10. Re: Early induction..will my milk come in on time?

    I was induced both times - 39.5 weeks with my first, 38 weeks with my second. Milk came in faster and better with my second but I was armed with knowledge that time. Just nurse nurse nurse and you'll...
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    Re: Beer WTF

    I KNOW that beer helps me to have a great let-down, BUT it is true that alcohol decreases milk production
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    Re: Time to stop :(

    I KNOW it hurts! I went through bleeding open sores on both breasts with teething and feeding was agony. My fix I got from another mom on here - breastfeed upside down. Well, not really upside down,...
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    Re: a little hug maybe?

    My baby will be 18 months on the 29th. He was born the day before my 28th birthday and I was so happy because I wanted him to have his own birthday, but you are right, that newborn baby was the best...
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    Re: am i spoiling him?

    You can't spoil a baby. Have fun!
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    Re: Told to wean now by pediatrician

    It does make me very mad that these people are supposedly the educated ones giving advice to all these moms and babies out there!!! ESPECIALLY a pediatrician who is SPECIALIZING in an area that deals...
  16. Re: Cramping and haven't gotten my period

    I've been crampy on and off for the past month - I think it's common - your body is just trying to gear up to start ovulating again. The levels of estrogen start coming in like waves working up...
  17. Re: Any Advice from Former "Pacifiers"?

    Just my two cents - I think it's OK to be a pacifier, and OK if your babe needs to be in skin to skin contact to sleep. I don't think she's spoiled, nor does she need to be "trained" to sleep on her...
  18. Re: Calling all Moms with SMALLER babies!

    My babies were both small, but only DS (#2) was breastfed. He gained a pound a month since birth as well. He started out at 5lb 13oz and is now about (I haven't got him accurately weighed recently -...
  19. Re: How often do your LOs wake at night?

    16 months old. wakes usually 1-2 times (not sure - we co-sleep and I don't really wake up, just roll over and nurse) and I'm fine with that.:)
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    Re: Should I be feeling teeth?

    when my lo got his top two middle teeth he changed how he latched and his teeth pressed on my nipple. i think because it hurt to nurse properly or because he just had to figure out a new way to work...
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    Re: Cavities and night nursing

    Also check out www.brianpalmerdds.com/caries.htm
  22. Re: When did your cycle become regular again?

    Oh my! That pp scared me! I would consider that lucky too except I don't want to wait that long to TTC! I'm at the 16 month mark now and up till recently was thinking wow, this is great! Now I'm...
  23. Re: Does your baby have a specific item that he/she likes to play with while nursing?

    My other boob, unfortunately. Does that count as an item? Ha Ha:p
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    Re: co-sleeping question

    babies usually do sleep better and longer when they are beside their mommas. That's why I co-sleep. More sleep for all!
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    Re: need to wean & almost 2!

    I agree with pp. Just because your child is almost 2 doesn't mean you need to wean! (Now, if you don't WANT to nurse anymore, that's different, but I got from your post more that you felt you SHOULD...
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