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  1. Re: Do I need to pump after every feeding??

    congrats!! sound like you are doing great!! :clap just watch out, if your supply decreases. i wasn't lucky enough to have an oversupply, so i do not know what that is like, but i did have a low...
  2. Re: I can't seem to keep my supply up!

    just a quick note here, ladies...mini pill DESTROYED my supply. it happens with 2% of nursing mothers. also - if you look into fenugreek, over extended periods of use, it will cause you to dry up...
  3. Re: When (if ever) will I get them back?

    I've been sulking in my own sorrow, because i went from what i thought was my perfect size of 36C to 34B (and still have a little extra room)...I really miss my pre pregnancy/nursing size...but i...
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    herbs available

    Hello All,

    I have a lot of herbs leftover, like Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, and Mothers Milk Tea. Is anyone interested in them? I realize they are open, but i know they can be expensive as...
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    3 days away...

    Well...I can finally post on this board! My LO turns one on saturday! :clap I never thought we'd make it. We are transitioning to wean though...for many reasons. I still bfeed her when she wakes...
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    Re: we're two weeks away!!

    thank you...i do give bottles during the day, because i work. they are 1/2 ebm and 1/2 formula (yuck), because i have had a low supply since about 3 months. it's just such a hard time, and knowing...
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    we're two weeks away!!

    My LO, Peanut, is 2 weeks away from turning 1! Sad news is, her daddy and I are in the middle of a divorce. So, in order for her to have and overnight stay with him a week, I will have to wean her...
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    Re: domperidone/fenugreek question

    I take Reglan, which does the same thing as the domperidone...and i wanted to share a side effect with you. My doctor originally started me on a 2 week supply, but i had to extend that out, to take...
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    Re: freezer stash...GONE!!

    oh my...i am so sorry momma...:hug. I was on antibiotics that tore up my LO's tummy, and had to pour out 20 oz, and i did cry! I can't imagine 84. BUT, you can get more milk stashed back again! I...
  10. Re: Our 1st night not nursing before bed

    :clap keep updating us!!! you are doing a great job!
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    Re: I feel sad...

    I am so sorry momma!!! :hug:hug I am not on the path to weaning yet, but am getting close, and am already sad, I can't imagine how you are feeling! I don't have any advice for you, as I have not...
  12. Re: Baby prefers nipple sheild. SO discouraged

    My LO was 3 weeks early...and I had to use a shield for the first few months. i know it is discouraging, but you are doing the best for your baby! In time, you can try to latch them on directly to...
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    Re: Back to Work

    wow! :yikes sounds like you have a great supply, compared to what i have/had! Good job on that! :clap

    If you want to boost your milk supply, there are a few things you can start with...

  14. Re: Wants to suck Constantly..wont take a pacifier..

    I hope you have better luck with finding one that works...but my LO is 10.5 months and still can't find one that she likes, so i quit trying. She never had the issue of wanting to suck constantly,...
  15. how long before antibiotics out of milk...

    I recently had to be put on meds for strep, and i took it for 7 of the 10 days that i was suppose to...it recently started effecting my LOs stomach, so i am stopping them. Also stopping them,...
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    Re: Does your LO do this?

    It seems to me, that my 10.5 month old does this when she is getting ready to hit a milestone or teeth! Your LO could be the same way! Be on the lookout for something new and exciting! I have also...
  17. Re: DH is not being much of a DH anymore...

    You know what it was...and i feel awful...she had an allergic reaction to new diapers that i bought. she was BRIGHT RED down there. poor thing was in pain. i KNEW there was a problem, i just...
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    Re: DH not being supportive...

    THANK YOU LADIES!!! I got through to my DH!!!! I had to :whip though. He is now on board and says to breastfeed until we are ready to stop!! :happytears :love :hug I am so excited! Such a...
  19. Re: no to fruits - should i start giving her vitamins?

    Thank you so much for the suggestions. I will just keep trying different fruits and veggies. I won't give her juices either...I didn't realize they were 'empty calories'. Hopefully she'll start...
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    Re: Frozen milk still good?

    I saw thaw it, and give it a smell/taste test. If looks good, then USE IT UP MOMMA! That stuff is LIQUID GOLD! :D
  21. Re: no to fruits - should i start giving her vitamins?

    Thank you, i will try more veggies...

    is there a juice that i can pick up from the store though? I am a full time working mom, and just don't have the time for a juicer and for me to do it myself...
  22. Re: no to fruits - should i start giving her vitamins?

    I have a low supply issue, so the bottles that she gets with her meals and while i am away at work have 1/2 formula (yuck) and 1/2 EBM (yummy)...so she is not being breastfed very often anymore. at...
  23. no to fruits - should i start giving her vitamins?

    My 10 month LO is not eating fruits of anykind anymore. Before, she would eat her baby food fruit, but after getting on solids, she is starting to refuse her babyfood more and more. Problem is, she...
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    Re: DH not being supportive...

    I'm going to pull out a huge list of chores and then give him 'rewards' based on him completing them!! :lol Just kidding.

    We did talk some, and he understands how important this is for me, and...
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    Re: breastfeeding and libido?

    I am in the same boat, but my daughter is 10 months old. AF returned at 5-6 weeks pp. Still no old sex drive back. DH and i actually fought about this over the weekend, when he asked me to quit BF...
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