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    So let me start out by saying that I successfully fed my first son for 18 months with minimal issue. I am so frustrated with my swcod breastfeeding experience. I will not quit unless my girls fall...
  2. Re: Cracks versus gaping wound on nipple

    Awesome! Doing all those things. This too shall pass.....
    I appreciate your help!!
  3. Re: Cracks versus gaping wound on nipple

    Oh, and if it does sound like yeast overgrowth, is there anything else I can do to assist in solving the issue. My suspicion is thy I have both yeast overgrowth and shallow latch. And now excess pain...
  4. Re: Cracks versus gaping wound on nipple

    1. Nipple everts an is symmetrical on the more wounded side. On less damaged side it is slightly asymmetrical but that side doesn't Hirt after initial latch
    2. Nipples are pink but have noticed no...
  5. Cracks versus gaping wound on nipple

    So I have been nursing for 4 weeks now and I am still having nipple pain. I had a lc check my latch and all is good, but I am struggling with the pain upon latch and throughout the nursing session. I...
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