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    Re: are green beans evil?

    HTH but its possible they just don't agree with her. My son came up as allergic to them on the prick test. He's never liked them anyway, and I usually don't force the issue if he seems to not like...
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    Re: Mangos

    My son loved mangos. Just a note... I don't know if you do your own purees, but it is a lot better than the canned. I've noticed that the Gerber mango is extremely high in sugar. I don't know why,...
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    Re: calorie boosters

    Just a note, I have a son who has been diagnosed with FTT and we put him on a diet the pedi recommended. Pediasure, adding Carnation instant breakfast to his whole milk and myriad other things and he...
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    Re: Told to wean now by pediatrician

    My son was diagnosed as FTT at 18 months. He is still small, but has gained a little. Our pedi sent us to see an allergist, nutritionist, and an endocrinologist. None of them had anything but...
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    Re: Postpartum bleeding

    PP is correct. I had this as well. My doctor simply called it hormonal bleeding. She said that your hormones can still be pretty up and down after the delivery for a while. Mine went away(the...
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    Re: i am going to be brave

    I totally agree with the pp. Breastmilk is sooo much easier to digest for their little tummies! DS loved to feed constantly at three weeks and six weeks. If you don't have a wrap or a sling, try one....
  7. Re: So much milk & sore nipples..... :-(

    At 1 week you are still going thru a lot of adjustments! Your post sounds almost like me right after I first had my baby! My DS is 20 months old and we are still BF. Your supply will adjust to your...
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    Re: co-sleeping question

    That's the reason that I coslept too. I didn't really plan on it either. In fact I was very against the idea to be honest (my husband was all for it), but once I figured out that was the best way to...
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    Re: Not sleeping thru the night

    Those schedules sound familiar! My son was the same way about waking every hour to hour and half after 12:00 at that age too. He is 20 months now and he does still wake up between 3-4 to feed, but...
  10. Re: Will Birth Control Pill Affect My Milk Supply at 13 Months?

    I agree with the PP. I am taking the mini-pill and haven't had any problems with my milk supply. The irregular spotting can be a little disconcerting at first, but as long as you know up front that...
  11. Re: Baby biting with his teeth & Pulling away! Ouch

    I had this problem as well with my DS. The pp give good advice. I tried that with my son and that was the only thing that worked. He did cry, but he also got the picture very quickly that if he...
  12. Temas: Help

    by @llli*mammamia

    Re: Help

    Just an idea, I had a lot of problems with being engorged... unfortunately the opposite fo you. Sorry! But I noticed that when I would get in the bath the warm water would help me to relax and the...
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    Re: Just irritated!!!

    My SIL had almost the same situation as you. Her daughter was 3 when she had her son. Naptime was difficult for them too. My neice is a very active and boisterois little girl... They tried a sound...
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    Re: Middle of the night poop...why me??

    The waterproof pads are great! My mom found me a really great one that is white and really smooth but soft (it feels almost like a very well worn tshirt). I know she found it at JC Penneys but I...
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    Re: Milk Fat Change After 1 Yr?

    You know I had something along these line happen. This question didn't occur to me though. I know that you're breastmilk can change depending on what you child needs, but I don't know if the milk fat...
  16. Re: I'm so sad. I need support from you all.

    It is possible to BF on one side only. I have heard of breast cancer survivors who have had masectomy doing this. I would definitely check all of the options though. When was the last time you had a...
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    Re: Desperate for Help!!

    Try having your husband read some material on why breastfeeding is so good for your LO. This helped my brother greatly ( I don't know how he got the opinion that BF wasn't good for babies as our Mom...
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    Re: Teeth and breastfeeding...

    I did have almost what looked like a tooth impression, that also turned into a sore. Although in fairness I think this was related to an "accidental" bite, that is to say DS got distracted/scared by...
  19. Re: Does anyone else have this problem???

    I think the first few weeks to month are difficult back to work because not only are you worrying about supply, but you worry about being away from your LO too. I had really bad separation anxiety...
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    Teeth and breastfeeding...

    I am still bf my 19 month old. He has nearly his full set of teeth already he is now working on his eye teeth. My question is this has anyone else experienced almost a chafed feeling when your LO is...
  21. Re: Lo has cold and is refusing breast! why?

    I always use my humidifier and Vick vapor rub, they have a formula especially for babies. My son gets a dry/stuffy nose quite often and sometimes had trouble nursing. The Vicks works great to rub on...
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