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  1. Help! 11 month old keeps biting etc!!

    My 11 month old DD has started to bite me whenever I nurse her. It is especially bad at night when I am trying to put her to bed. We cosleep and I usually nurse her to sleep, however in the past week...
  2. Re: What funny things does your two year old say while nursing?

    my DS is 20 months and he yells "BOOBIES!"! It gets a bit embarrassing when we have people over or when we're out so we're trying to get him to ask for "milk please". His version comes out as "mik...
  3. I always feel better after being here!

    Hi Everyone! I'm still nursing my DS who is almost 20 months. We have a pretty good nursing relationship and he absolutely loves to nurse. He can often wait if I am in the middle of something but...
  4. Re: Confusing advice from doctor. Is it true?

    Ok, phew! I was confused when she told me that. Thanks for all of your replies!!
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    Re: Going back to work

    Hi! My DS is 14 months and I've been back at work part time for the past couple of months. I work 3 days a week and am away from him for 9+ hours at a time. I have been able to still nurse him when I...
  6. Confusing advice from doctor. Is it true?

    My doctor told me that it is recommended by the medical community to completely wean before even trying for another baby. She said it is just too hard on the body. Is this true?
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    Re: Need some encouragement!!

    Thanks everyone!!:D
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    Re: Need a boost in Moral

    I know how you feel! :hug

    I remember having days where I felt all I did was breastfeed. I never realized how hard it would be in the beginning. I was struggling to find time to shower, eat, and...
  9. Re: Need more help for my sleepy nurser, please!

    My DS was like that too! One thing that really helped was me moving around lots (fidgeting) so that there was a slight "threat" that my nipple would come out of his mouth. This was enough for him to...
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    Need some encouragement!!

    Hi Everyone!

    I've been BF'ing my DS for 14 months now and it's his most favourite thing to do!! He would probably nurse all day long if I left my boobs out (and didn't have to work):lol.

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    Re: "Nursing" DS's toys

    This is so funny!:lol

    My DS thinks it's funny only for a split second, then he gets jealous!:D
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    Re: Back and forth

    Wow, so glad I found this thread! My DS does this ALL THE TIME NOW! :)He's 13 months and has been doing it for the past couple of months. I think he just likes having both there. He gets so...
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    Re: gaining.... too much????

    My DS was on the heavy side too. 90th percentile for weight for most of his first year but as soon as he started crawling and now walking he has plateaued. I can't believe how chubby he used to...
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    Re: Sleep issues

    Thanks for the support. I know I'm probably over-reacting and he'll be just fine! :gvibes
  15. Re: Crying for food, but he cant be hungry, Right?

    I agree! I remember days where I felt all I did was nurse! But it's definitely worth it. Hang in there!:hug
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    Re: Letdown

    For me it was a tightening feeling (almost a little bit painful to be honest). But it would only last a few seconds and I would leak like crazy from the other breast!
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    Re: First clogged duct? Help

    I've had them a couple of times. I'd always start nursing on the affected side first and massage at the same time. Good luck!
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    Re: Sleep issues

    He does have different routines with other people. My MIL watches him some days now and he naps with her either in his stroller (out on walks) or he will just fall asleep on her lap. He also naps...
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    Sleep issues

    My 13 month old is starting daycare in a month. We are currently in a co-sleeping/nurse to sleep situation and I am concerned about how he will nap at daycare. He usually NEEDS to nurse to fall...
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