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    Just wondering how .....

    So my baby hasn't breastfed in 7 months. Today I noticed my breast leaking breast milk. Was wondering why and how this happens?
  2. This is going to sound really silly

    My daughter is going to be 10 months in a week. She a tipped breastfeeding at 3 months. She was having trouble gaining weight an her pedi suggested nursing then giving her an ounce of formula. (I...
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    Any ideas??

    So my daughter will be 10 months a week from today. We started solids at 6 months. But til this day she will ou eat food that is puréed. If it's chunky she will spit it out. She won't ring food to...
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    Is it normal?

    My baby girl is 8 months. I have been try to introduce finger foods but she is anything but interested. She will eat anything puréed. For example, she will eat puréed carrots or bananas. But if I...
  5. Looking for some input on first solids

    My baby with be 6 months in a few weeks. I was wondering what the best is to start with for her first solid. The pedi has mentioned either rice cereal or oatmeal. She was breasted the first three...
  6. Re: Please help!! I'm about to just stop

    We started supplementing 2 oz of formula after every other feeding. When she was nursing for 40 minutes. Then we did 20 minutes of nursing and 1 oz every feeding. But not we are up to 2 oz an she's...
  7. Re: Please help!! I'm about to just stop

    She is 3 months old. Ive tried pumping before and/or after feedings, breast massage, I e taken fenugreek until I've smelled like mrs. Buttersworth. Drinking plenty of fluid. How else to I get milk...
  8. Re: Please help!! I'm about to just stop

    Yes I don't see her until Monday. I really feel like its because my period is back. But what am I suppose to do that week. I've been doing everything I can think of to make this work. I've tried so...
  9. Please help!! I'm about to just stop

    I can't do this anymore! All she does is refuse to nurse. I'm a wreck idk what to do. We have been supplementing with formula because I can't pump and she needs the extra calories. But theist few...
  10. I have my period again and it's causing issues!?

    So when my daughter was 1 month old I got my period back already and every month she fights me that week I have it. Is there something I can do? Because she usually nurses for much longer and now...
  11. Re: I'm at SUCH a loss, I feel like I'm failing my baby :(

    Last week she was 9lbs 4 oz this week 9lbs 7.5pz. I found out that the pediatrician is marking the wrong number for her weight. She has been marking down her weight right after feeds
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    Re: slow weight gain, tongue-tie?

    I've been going through this since my daughter was 2 months old. Slow weight gain. I didn't understand because she was nursing for 45 minutes every 2 hours. So how could she not be gaining?? A bunch...
  13. Re: I'm at SUCH a loss, I feel like I'm failing my baby :(

    I see her again Monday and plan on discussing all of this I'm just antsy so I'm on here for now
  14. Re: I'm at SUCH a loss, I feel like I'm failing my baby :(

    We did several weigh and feeds and figured she is getting 2-3 oz from me. She needs more calories so we supplemented with an oz of formula after nursing because I don't get milk when pumping. The...
  15. Re: I'm at SUCH a loss, I feel like I'm failing my baby :(

    I have been working with one all along
  16. I need help please I don't know what to do

    So I have been supplimenting with formula because my baby needs more calories. I try pumping so I can just give her breast milk but whenever I pump I'm lucky if I get half an oz. I have a brand new...
  17. Re: I'm at SUCH a loss, I feel like I'm failing my baby :(

    I have. I have a Madela pump but I don't get any milk. I'm lucky if I get half an oz when I pump.
  18. I'm at SUCH a loss, I feel like I'm failing my baby :(

    My 3 month old doesn't even weigh 10lbs yet. We have done Ll sorts of test for failure to thrive and everything is good. Just waiting for results on amino acids. We came to the conclusion she just...
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    Re: I need help!!! Please???

    I'm not sure that's why I ask. She is restless the while time she nurses an is fussing. Then she's just crying and if not crying sleeping. And again she has been sleeping a lot!! So is it a growth...
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    I need help!!! Please???

    My 3 month old since yesterday has been fussy the whole time she nurses. She has had rosy cheeks but never a fever. And today if she wasn't sleeping she was crying. And she has been sleeping ALOT. I...
  21. Re: I need to have surgery but having trouble pumping????

    Thank you so much! I've been stressing because I thought I had to. But it's to the point I can't hold off any more because its getting worse. Ill call tomorrow
  22. I need to have surgery but having trouble pumping????

    So I need to have my gallbladder removed. I've been having some pretty bad attacks. I've been holding off because I don't get anything really when I pump. So how am I suppose to pump out my milk the...
  23. I'm so confused! And getting depressed

    I've posted my babys weight history before in another thread. Her pediatrician is saying I need to start supplementing with formula again and thinking I might have to go full formula if she doesn't...
  24. Re: 2 month old nurse frequent but slow weight gain

  25. Re: cluster feeding with no increase in supply!

    I'm having the same problem only I don't have any stash left and can't seem to pump. And my baby isn't gaining enough. I'm starting to feel like I'm failing at this
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