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    Re: Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

    I'm also nursing 2 year old twins. My twin boys are about the same age as yours (they'll be three in October).

    They nurse anywhere from once a day to three to four times a day. With my boys, if...
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    Re: So how often do you nurse?

    My twins just turned 2. They nurse at least 3-4 x's a day. When they were one, they probably nursed around 6 times or so..They definitely LOVE their "nah nah's"!
  3. Poll: Re: Are outside influences encouraging you to wean?

    Yes, outside influences are encouraging me to wean. It doesn't discourage me though. I know I am doing the best for my children, I know the benefits. It's annoying though.
  4. Re: 9 months old and in 5th percentile for weight

    One of my boys was at the 3rd percentile at his 9 month, and recently at his 15 month appt, he dropped off the charts. At birth, he was 4 lbs 11oz. Their Pedi has NEVER been concerned about their...
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    Re: Is this normal?

    All 3 of my kids did this. TMI: I remember pulling out a sliced mushroom out of my DD's butt one time :lol:

    I'm not sure if cutting it up would make a difference. I had to cut my DD's food for...
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    Re: toddler nursing positions?

    Let's see..sometimes my twin boys sit and nurse, sometimes they stand and nurse, other times one is in the cradle and the other football. Sometimes they criss cross each other. It all depends I guess...
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    Re: What do you call it?

    My twin boys say "nah nah" for nursing.
  8. Re: Breastfeeding is a lifesaver!!

    Doesn't it make you feel better?

    We were in the same boat. One of my twins had RSV and an ear infection. He nursed pretty much all day. I really believe that me breastfeeding him kept him out of...
  9. Re: transition from bottle to breast not working

    One of my boys preferred the bottle over breast (my twins were 6 weeks premature) Here are a few things that got him to take the breast:

    -LOTS of skin to skin contact. You with no shirt and baby...
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    Re: How do you do get things done?

    I also have 3 children (my twins and my older DD). I agree, wear her! There is nothing wrong with it. Go with your heart!

    Wearing Ronin in the sling was the ONLY way I could get anything done....
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    Re: Breastfeeding and Formula

    I agree with everyone. Introducing formula now is a slippery slope. It's so important now to nurse as much as you can. 2-3 weeks is a growth spurt time and it's super important to nurse as much as...
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    Re: Is your LO small?

    I'm sure you're doing fine! All 3 of my kiddos are pretty small. Kalynn my 5 year old is and has always been in the 25th percentile for weight, and my one year old twin boys: Ronin is not even on the...
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    Re: Did your dr know much about BF?

    Unfortunately, no, my first pedi was not very knowledgeable about BF'ing and in fact, berated me for wanting to BF in the first place..

    - do you think your doc was knowledgable about BF? ...
  14. Re: To those that are not supplementing with formula...

    Ditto here. My boys tapered off after their 9 months or so. At 12 months they gained about 1 1/2 lbs. Their pedi said that it's pretty common and that their weight gain will pick up again around 18...
  15. Re: Wanting to nurse more often after they turn one?


    Yes!! That is what's happening here as well. They were nursing probably every 4 hours or so? And now, it's more often. I noticed that they are more vocal about their wanting to nurse...
  16. Wanting to nurse more often after they turn one?

    My twins turned one last Tuesday and I am going to continue nursing them. I have noticed that they seem to want to nurse more often than before..I don't mind, I was just wondering if this was normal...
  17. Re: HELP...giving up breastfeeding? LONG

    Is the OT through Early Child Intervention? If not, is it possible to get an OT through Early Child? One of my twin boys also had a very weak suck, and had weak oral motor skills. One of my boys...
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    Re: Cereal for 6 week old?

    Nursing twin mama here too! I waited until after 6 months to introduce any solids. Plus, the AAP recommends exclusively nursing for 6 months (meaning, no solids) and then to continue for at least a...
  19. Re: Ped. rant about extended breastfeeding...

    Uggh, unfortunately, that doesn't surprise me. Welcome BTW!
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    Re: Is counting dirty/wets all bunk?

    I knew LLL leaders weren't medical professionals, but thanks for clearing things up! I didn't know that :blush:
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    Re: Is counting dirty/wets all bunk?

    It definitely sounds like it's time to fine a new pedi. An ounce a day is 7 oz in a week, which is AWESOME.

    Seems like BM is blamed for everything. Small baby? Formula. Big baby? formula.

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    Re: possible to overfeed?

    One of my twin boys gained weight really fast at the beginning. Around the 6 month mark, he really started to slow down. And plus, I've heard from my LC that after 6 months, their weight gain slows...
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    Re: How do I even get stared?


    Nurse on demand. Basically what happens is that the more you nurse, the more you will make. So, as long as you feed on demand, you should have enough to sustain your baby! Newborns...
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    Re: The AVENT Isis Manual Pump...

    If you're going back to work (I think in your other thread, you stated you were?) then I would get an electric pump. It took me about 15 min to pump both breasts at the same time.

    But if you...
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    Re: Maybe you can help me...

    This is what worked for us: I side lie and nurse! My boys still wake up once or twice a night, so I will lie on my side and nurse them (one at a time)
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