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    Re: nursing strike? teething?

    No he's not ill, thanks for your reply though. It has sorted itself out. Seems he just needed to re-learn how to nurse with teeth.
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    nursing strike? teething?

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I am having trouble nursing my 6 month old. He is refusing to nurse at all during the day, and will only nurse in his sleep at night. He cues to nurse as usual,...
  3. Re: Expecting Baby-- Nightweaning for Toddler?

    I have a 5 week old and a son who just turned three. I chose to nightwean during my pregnancy, because it was just too uncomfortable to continue, I was just too tired, and I knew I did not want to...
  4. Re: need resources to explain why wait til 6 months + iron w

    You might find these pages helpful.
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    Re: lecithin GRANULES dose

    I took 1 tablespoon daily as well. That was the recommended dosage to take as a nutritional supplement.
    Then cut it down to half a tablespoon after a while and that seemed to work too.
  6. Re: mother weight loss, feeling depleted, sick often

    As well as seeing your doctor, you might want to check out a book called "Mother Nurture" A mother's guide to health in body, mind and intimate relationships.
    I found it really helpful when I was...
  7. Re: Ideas for Quality Marital Time (Without Pumping?)

    Yes!!! Go out while your baby is little.
    when my son was a baby going to a movie was easy. He would sit up and watch for a few minutes, then start to fuss, nurse to sleep and hubby and I would enjoy...
  8. Re: Toddler now wants only hot (cow's) milk in a bottle??

    Just a thought...my son is 28 months and recently went through a "baby" phase. He found his old pacifier that he hadn't used since he was 6 months old and carried it around in his pocket, sucking on...
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    Re: Some advice

    I've gone through this with my 2 year old and have learned that it is a clear sign that he is just not tired yet. So now I don't even bother trying to get him to sleep until he is obviously tired. If...
  10. Re: Confession: Loving "extended" nursing

    My son is 25 months old and we are still going strong, nursing about 7 or 8 times/day.
    My favorite part of nursing is before his nap and bedtime. He always asks for "nay-nay and a book" and we read...
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    Re: Plugged ducts one after the other

    Taking lecithin really helped me when I had plugged ducts.
  12. Re: Soreness of breast tissue or Thrush?

    It was just a few days, 5, I think...although I believe it is usually prescribed for at least 7. It was about 20$ per tablet, one a day
  13. Re: Soreness of breast tissue or Thrush?

    I resolved my problem by first making sure the affected breast was emptied and free of plugs.
    The best and most comfortable way to do this was to gently massage in hot shower then nurse my hungry...
  14. Re: Soreness of breast tissue or Thrush?

    I had similar problems when my son was young...red streaks on breast, and pain coming from armpit area. I suffered from recurring blocked ducts, and suspect that thrush was part of the problem too....
  15. Re: Nap Fiascos! ***For New Beginnings Magazine***

    My toddler transitioned to only one nap shortly after he turned 1. Then around 18 months he became resistant to napping altogether. Even though he still clearly needed a nap.
    I have now established...
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    Re: All Night Nursing @18 months

    I think it is a phase related to language development and increasing independance, which is both exciting and frightening for them, so they are seeking comfort. My ds went through the same thing at...
  17. Re: Night nursing 13 month old, confused...

    There is a sub-forum for cloth diapering in the Poop! Forum http://forums.llli.org/forumdisplay.php?74-Cloth-Diapering
    I gave up cloth diapers about a year ago, because my ds was getting soaked...
  18. Re: Night nursing 13 month old, confused...

    Is it possible her molars are coming in?
    My ds acted like that when his 1st year molars were erupting. On days that his teeth were bothering him he would only eat cold fruit or purees, then wanted...
  19. Re: almost 12mo, LATE bedtime, nursing and sleeping concerns

    Around 12 months I discovered my night owl son just needed 6 hours of awake time in the afternoon/evening.
    So in order for him to be ready to sleep at 9 I had to make sure he finished his daytime...
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    Re: nursing like a newborn :/

    My son just went through this exact same thing. (with the added bonus of getting up to play in the night after nursing non-stop for several hours.)
    I had a couple nights where I had to run out of...
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    Re: Recurrent clogged nipple pore

    The jar suggested a measured tablespoon per day as a dietary supplement, so that is what I took. Only I eyeballed it by heaping a regular teaspoon because it was easier to just dump and stir. Put it...
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    Re: Recurrent clogged nipple pore

    My lo slept through the night once, ever, he is 18 months now:lol
    At 3-4 months he slept a regular 4-5 hour stretch, and if he didn't wake up at that point I did, with an engorged breast leaking all...
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    Re: Recurrent clogged nipple pore

    I also avoided pumping, it seemed to make them worse. I would just nurse, nurse, nurse!
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    Re: Recurrent clogged nipple pore

    I know how you feel, I was grasping at straws too. It can't hurt to try the granules (or raw form, although I dont know what that is) the granules started helping me right away, like in a day or 2. I...
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    Re: Recurrent clogged nipple pore

    I suffered with the reoccurring plugged ducts and pores too, can remember nights of sitting up in bed and sobbing in pain while my lo struggled to nurse. Just wondering if you have tried taking...
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