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    Re: Baby does better on formula?!?

    Only eliminate one thing at a time.
    I think mommal posted a link about elimination diets above
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    Re: feeding, pumping, supply issues

    I would definitely get an at the breast supplementer.
    I used a Medela SNS.
    Get baby checked for tongue/lip ties
    How does nursing feel?
    If money is really tight, if you are in the US, and on WIC,...
  3. Re: Doc says not nursing for long enough each Breast

    I agree that if nursing feels good and baby is gaining well, then it really doesn't matter how long or short or how often you nurse as long as you nurse on demand and offer to nurse if you feel it...
  4. Re: Insufficient glandular tissue -- what works, what doesn'

    I actually did a version of this where I would put the pumped milk into the fridge sealed up and put a new bottle onto the pump parts and put the pump parts into the fridge as well and I would...
  5. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    around the time the first rash started I had used some of my flushable wet wipes as we ran out of the pampers sensitive wipes. The rash went away while I continued using the sensitive wipes after...
  6. Re: Insufficient glandular tissue -- what works, what doesn'

    Can you use a lactation aid to give the supplement right at the breast?
    Something like a Lactaid or Medela SNS can let you give the supplement through a tube right at the breast while baby nurses...
  7. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    oh, and I think we actually have a tooth coming through now. There is a sharp bit on the bottom gum though I haven't gotten him to give me a good look at it.
  8. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    Well had a diaper rash a while back that didn't go away right away with the Aquamphore the way it always used to.
    So went to the Dr (happened to be almost at his 6 month check so all that was taken...
  9. Re: Dr Told Me to Stop Nursing my 12 Month Old at Night

    Read the book
    Kiss Me!: How to Raise Your Child with Love by Carlos Gonzalez
    He also wrote My Child Won't Eat which is also a great read

    I would ignore that advice and probably also look for...
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    Re: Baby does better on formula?!?

    Just because a bottle of formula means baby goes longer before needing to feed again isn't necessarily a good thing, Most formula are harder to digest so baby often needs more time to digest it.
  11. Re: How long is too long between poops?

    Mine would go 5-10 days normally between poops from about 4 weeks till we started solids.
    I've ready many places where even 2 weeks is considered normal and some rare babies even longer.
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    Re: pacifier?

    I'm a 1st time mom to a 6 1/2 month old.
    We had breastfeeding issues at the start so a paci probably wouldn't have been a good idea but the few times some one did try to give him a paci, he spit it...
  13. Re: Short nursing sessions...Growth Spurt??

    Any other symptoms beyond fussy and the odd sleep/nursing timing?
  14. Re: Short nursing sessions...Growth Spurt??

    Sorry I don't have much advice other than changes to "schedules" are normal.

    Babies can get more efficient at nursing so he may be able to fill up faster than he used to. If he isn't emptying...
  15. Re: 5 month old spitting up more than usual

    I agree that 7 oz bottles are HUGE for a beastfed baby. 2-4 oz at a time is normal for a breastfed baby and 5 oz is often considered large.
    How long are you away from baby?
    How often are you...
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    Re: Back to Work - Too much milk

    Are you still pumping right after nursing in the AM on work days?
    If so, that is the one I would say to cut out.
    otherwise instead of cutting out pumping sessions, it is usually best to just pump...
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    Re: nursing longer, pumping much less

    This comment makes me think there could be some other issues going on because if all is well with latch and nursing, your nipples would be fine even with almost constant nursing.
    I highly recommend...
  18. Re: Less nursing for more weight gain? 10mo old.

    are you doing baby led solids (baby led weaning)?

    I would recommend the books
    My Child Won't Eat
    Baby Led Weaning

    Also, may babies actually gain less when they start solids since few...
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    Re: nursing longer, pumping much less

    There is a book the LLL has done called Sweet Sleep which can answer questions about how to safely co sleep which I think would greatly benefit you to be able to nurse in bed so then you and hubby...
  20. Temas: Spray

    by @llli*tclynx

    Re: Spray

    In general the lactation cookies and tea are to increase supply. To keep the Quality good, just make sure you are eating healthy nutrient dense foods and taking your vitamins.
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    Re: nursing longer, pumping much less

    Taking the long sleep stretch and giving bottles during that time can have a drastic effect on your milk supply. Milk supply is a supply and demand thing and even if you are giving expressed breast...
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    Re: baby refusing one breast

    How is that sides supply/flow compared to the other side?
    I know my left side is the lower producer and baby tends to take the Right most of the time but I can usually get him to take the left for a...
  23. Re: Please help! Insufficient weight gain :-(

    I have to agree that this is probably not something to worry about. She gained so much at first that it makes sense for the slow down to be even more drastic.
    How big are you and her daddy?
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    Re: baby refusing one breast

    Some moms produce enough with only one breast full time so if baby is getting enough (weight gain good) then you may not need to worry that much about the right side at all except to pump to try to...
  25. Re: Going back to work, pumping time questions

    Do you nurse at night?
    7 feeds a day is on the low side, I think 10-12 is more common.
    Spacing or scheduling feeds some arbitrary time apart can have a detrimental effect on supply and weight gain....
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