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  1. Help!! 3 month old on a nursing strike!!

    So my 3 month old daughter has decided to go on a nursing strike. Any time I get her near my boob to nurse she starts screaming at the top of her lungs and won't stop until I take her away. We had a...
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    Re: introducing bottles?

    I work 12 hour shifts (I'm a nurse), so by the time I commute and then shower it will be about 13 hours away from her. We tried 3 oz earlier and she cried afterwards and was still sucking on her...
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    Re: Any other RN's out there?

    I am also an RN and returning to work next week. I'm curious as well to hear what other moms do. I work 12 hour shifts 3 days a week. Is there anything I can do to keep my supply from dropping?
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    introducing bottles?

    I am returning to work next week, so we started introducing bottles this week. My DD is 5 weeks old. She usually nurses every 2 hours during the day for about 10 min. She sleeps 5-8 hours straight at...
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    Advice on storing BM?

    I have a 2 week old DD. We had altch issues to start with, which led to me having cracked and bleeding nipples. So I pumped for the first week to let them heal. We tried to breastfeed again, and my...
  6. Re: Horrible Nipple Pain When Nursing! Please help!!!

    That's a very interesting article... Could be a possiblity. Also, I just noticed that one of my nipples isn't symmetrical. It is like the lipstick. What does this mean??
  7. Re: Horrible Nipple Pain When Nursing! Please help!!!

    I usually get 5-7 oz every 3 hours when I pump. The pain is worse right after she latches. It usually vera better, but it still hurts during the entire time. It is a Sharp stabbing pain while she is...
  8. Horrible Nipple Pain When Nursing! Please help!!!

    I have a 9 day old baby girl. We had a few latch issues initially, and I ended up with a cracked and bleeding nipple on one side. So my LC told me to pump that side and let her latch and feed on the...
  9. Re: Schedule, pumping, and feeding, oh my!

    Just curious. What all did you do to get your baby to sleep that long? My duaghter is just 5 days old and I would love to hear your advice. Thanks :)
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    Re: Pumping Questions- New mom

    The cracking is multiple small slit-like cracks. She was having difficulty, and we haven't tried it again since the LC told us to pump. At first it hurt really bad, but now the only part that hurts...
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    Pumping Questions- New mom

    I had a baby girl (Alexa) last Friday, so she is now 4 days old. After a few intial bad latches, my right nipple is cracked and bleeding. A LC told me to pump that side and let her nurse on the...
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