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  1. Re: 4-Month Old Cries Before Going to Sleep!

    No she doesn't use pacifier. Never gave it to her when she was little, now she doesn't want it. And she doesn't take the bottle until she's really hungry, so I really don't have much for her to suck...
  2. Re: 4-Month Old Cries Before Going to Sleep!

    Too bad DD has been fed thru a bottle from the beginning since she didn't learn to latch on, so I don't get to nurse her to sleep or have that bonding opportunity. But I'll try to put her to sleep...
  3. 4-Month Old Cries Before Going to Sleep!

    DD turned 4 month on 10-22-10. Ever since then, she started to fuss at night before going to sleep. She would start to cry and yell as if she's mad or someone's trying to hurt her around 7:30pm and...
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    Re: Breastfeeding & Milk Allergy?

    Thanks for the info. I'm going to cut out dairy in my diet and see if it gets better. We are also due for DD's four-month visit so I'll make sure to mention that to the Ped. Yes ILs are very...
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    Breastfeeding & Milk Allergy?

    My 3 1/2 month DD is fed by EBM exclusively right now. In the past month she's been extremely fussy and reluctant to eat. However, a week ago she broke out some rash (tiny red bumps) on her chest and...
  6. Re: 3-month old struggles when fed, help!

    Thank you for all the info!

    I don't think my baby has a tongue tie since she can move her tongue and stick it out no problem. She doesn't seem to refuse the milk either, since whatever gets to her...
  7. 3-month old struggles when fed, help!

    Hi there! I just joined LLL hoping that someone would help me.
    My daughter never learned to latch on (unfortunately I didn't seek help back then), so I've been pumping and feeding her expressed...
  8. Re: The entire upper half of my right breast is hard and lumpy...

    I have the same problem too. I usually use a microwavable gel heating pad, put it on the area for 5 to 10 minutes, then massage towards the nipple real hard, then pump right away. This used to work...
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