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  1. Re: How do I get a 10m baby back on brea

    Thanks that's very helpful! Will definately use some of the tips on there. My worry is that she's just too old now and not in newborn-need-to-suckle stage?iygwim She just wont put the nipple in her...
  2. How do I get a 10m baby back on breast?

    I stopped breastfeeding at 7 1/2 months out of pure sleep deprived desperation :cry and started the relactation process a week ago. Babe has completely forgotten what to do with the boobies! I have...
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    Re: green poo! (the baby not me :p)

    ok thanks! i will have a look, im glad im not the only one! xxx
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    green poo! (the baby not me :p)

    :help well as it says, I just changed Savannahs nappy and it was only a small amount but is green, like the colour of grass! is this normal? what does it mean? was it something I ate? :shrug she is...
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    Re: Toddler nursing her doll

    that is just the cutest :happytears
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