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  1. Re: Do you hide the fact that you are still nursing?

    I am a staunch advocate of BFing and even felt proud walking around Ikea with my newborn and Bebe AuLait cover, such feminist freedom, I boldly looked anyone in the eye and stared down any funny...
  2. Re: Mother regressing - 34month old and the breast. Any child psychologists out there

    My 3 1/2 year old will still to this day at times want me to hold her in my arms so she can "pretend I'm a baby" and she will mimic nursing briefly over my clothing.
  3. Re: Anyone else still use a boppy or pillows?

    After a year of BFing with baby no.1 and two years with baby no.2 my Boppy has taken on a decidely flat shape, we wore it out!
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    Should I stop?

    With my first daugter I stopped BFing at 1 yr. old secondary to pregnant with daughter no.2. With my second daugter, I had the luxury of extending the BFing and we, at 2 yr.s old have gradually...
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    Powers of Breastmilk!

    Just wanted to brag a little. My 2 yr. old had impetigo around her mouth and before I tried the antibiotic cream I wanted to test the antibacterial healing properties I've heard about breatmilk....
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    Re: Ugggggg

    Don't forget that a baby that age can effectively empty a breast in 5 minutes or so, maybe that is why he is moving on to breast number two because he has emptied breast number one.
    If that's not...
  7. Re: What funny things does your two year old say while nursing?

    My 19 month old will literally follow me around the house with the boppy and I have to explain to her that we only do that before bedtime now. While nursing she will pause and smile at me and say "my...
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    Re: Nipple Pain with 18-month Old

    My 19 month old still nurses just before bedtime and believe it or not she has gotten sloppy with her latch at times and caused me pain. Also I read somewhere that once babies have teeth, they have...
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    Re: I'm new and confused and need help!

    I read the your milk supply is highest in night/early moring hours. Are you co-sleeping? Hopefully you are, you can take advantage of increased milk, you and baby are more relaxed and a drowsy baby...
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    Re: Can One Over-feed?

    I do believe that a baby will stop nursing when she is full, either that or she will switch at the end of the nursing session to comfort nursing if she still wants to suck but not eat.
    My first dtr....
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    Re: will i ever sleep braless again??

    Can sympathize with the leaking, for my first I never leaked, it was great! For my second we are 5 months into nursing and still leaking. There is no rhyme or reason. Sleeping on a towel is good...
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    Re: breast size

    I've read that a greater percentage of woman have better production in their right breast. I too notice that the right (only when lactating) is bigger than the left. When I pump there is always more...
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    Re: does your baby do this?

    Thanks for the suggestions ladies. I never thought of myself as having OALD, but lo sure does spit up a lot and often, so maybe there is something there.
    Glad to know other 5 month olds are nursing...
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    does your baby do this?

    My lol is 5 mo. old, she (and her sister too at that age) will go through these periods during the day where she acts hungry, so we sit down with the Boppy , she nurses hungrily for about 10 seconds...
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    Funny but sad

    My 22 month old hasn't BF since she was a year old because I was pregnant with no.2, so the other day when I pumped I put the milk in her sippy cup thinking she might ? remember the taste or at...
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