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    Re: Oral Aversion??

    Sending a 7 month old who isn't into solids yet for evaluation seems crazy to me. My first DD would have nothing to do with food until she was at least 8 months old, and would also have nothing to...
  2. Re: HuffPost Story Query - Breastfeeding/Maternity Leave

    I live in the US now but experienced maternity leave in the UK, where they have much better maternity benefits than here. Not sure if that's of any help?
  3. Re: What is the big deal about rice cereal?

    I have no idea what the big deal is! I remember my mom doing the same when my DD1 was around 4 months old. "She's hungry, she wants REAL food, give her cereal" etc. I didn't know any better at the...
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    Re: Upper lip tie? What say you?

    Hmm, my DD2's upper lip looks just like this too. Just noticed it the other day!
  5. Re: Relactating a formula fed baby at 10mths

    There's definitely an Eats on Feets UK. Look them up on Facebook, they're great at helping moms get matched up with donors. :)
  6. Re: 6 wk old, Gassy, fussy, infreq BM

    Sorry short on time so can't reply in depth but I just wanted to say that if you're eliminating dairy from your diet it can take at least two weeks (? allergy mamas can clarify that one) to see a...
  7. Re: 6 wk old, Gassy, fussy, infreq BM

    It sounds like forceful letdown could be a culprit. My first DD started doing things like this around 6 weeks. She was very gassy, colicky, and seemed to have a shallow latch for weeks. Started...
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    Re: 3 year old- suggestions?

    For the night time session - could daddy take over bedtime? She will very likely protest at first but if they get their own fun routine going she may go for it after a while. For mornings, how...
  9. Re: Breastfeeding After Lift Surgery

    No personal experience, but the BFAR site is a great place to start.

    Congrats on your pregnancy! :clap
  10. Re: breastfeeding during mastitis


    I had a terrible case of mastitis when DD1 was about 3 months old. She really didn't want to nurse on that side, and when I tasted the milk it was extremely salty. Under normal...
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    Re: 8 week old with acid reflux

    Unfortunately my 8 month old refluxer still spits up just as much now that she eats some solids. Now I just have a multicolored carpet instead of a milk splashed one. :lol
  12. Re: wow! a nurse supportive of extended BF'ing!


    Awesome! I hope to be one of those supportive nurses some day. :)

    Glad everything is going well for you!
  13. Re: When do they stop spitting up?

    DD2 is still spitting up too. :( She's 8.5 months old, but was a preemie...I hope it stops soon. You should see my formerly beige carpet. Now that she eats solids too, I have a technicolour...
  14. Re: I need help!! No access to LLL leader or Lactation consultant...

    You've had some great advice already, just wondering where you are? I'm an expat mom too, it can be so hard without family and friends nearby! :hug
  15. Re: Is/Was your baby a 25th % (weight) child but healthy?


    DD2 is just under 2nd centile for weight (not even on the chart for length) - she just had a development check and is at a 10 month old level and she's 8 months (also born 6 weeks premature)....
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    Re: Help Me Let Go

    Could you try letting her self latch in a biological nurturing type position (reclined, tummy to tummy with her head on top of your breast), and then putting on a wrap after she latches? Might be...
  17. Re: Think I've come to an end ...

    Has anyone mentioned anything like a Latch Assist? Keep those cracks moist with some lanolin like Lansinoh Ointment if you aren't already and definitely see about getting that tongue tie clipped! ...
  18. Poll: Re: Poll: What age did you introduce solids?

    DD1 - around 8 months. Well, I started offering halfheartedly around 6 months and she wasn't interested, but I knew she was getting everything she needed from me.

    DD2 - 6 months exactly, but she...
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    Re: EPing & green stools

    Sorry - ETA only means "edited to add". 45 oz is great! Better than great! Hence the bow down smiley. :bow

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    Re: EPing & green stools

    It can take up to six weeks for any dairy to leave your system, IIRC. Have you tried mixing all of your pumped milk from the day together before pouring it into the bottles? I've heard of some moms...
  21. Re: Do you have a nursing necklace you like?


    Just change DS to DD and that's my answer. ;)
  22. Re: is it ok to bottle feed for 1 day?

    Could your sister's two year old do something fun like spend the day with grandma/someone like that? Then he's doing something fun and your sister would be free to look after your baby at the...
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    Re: Relactation

    There is also an "Induced lactation and Relactation" forum here, lots of good info you can look up from old posts. :gvibes
  24. Re: traveling to the UK on business - what transformer do I need?

    The one on the top is a UK plug socket. :) Have a look at the plug itself, if it says something like 110-220v you won't need a transformer, just a plug adapter. If it's 110 only though, you will...
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    Re: Concern about VERY stinky gas


    When DD1 was that age she was pooping once a week at most, and her toots smelled AWFUL. I remember my sister holding her saying how cute she was, then getting a funny look on her face and...
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