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    Re: Do pumps matter?

    The main problems are that the small pumps don't cycle often enough to maintain your milk supply, and the ones that require the user to release the suction can damage breast tissue. Most moms I know...
  2. Re: Must I suppliment BM with CM for 2yr old?

    My four kids are newborn - 10 and none of them drink cow's milk [neither do I] and everyone is healthier than average. My Dr has no issue with it either. Although I don't think it's harmful in...
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    Re: sterilizing pump part ?'s

    I've pumped for three kids, and the only time I ever sterilized was when I opened my pump and each time I took it out of storage. I give the parts a quick wash in the sink and let air dry. ...
  4. Re: night weaning midnight cheerios aaugghhh

    We went through the same thing when DS was about that age. He'd wake up at 1 or 2 am and was so hungry. He'd eat dinner leftovers, bananas, cereal, yogurt... usually more than he eats at a meal! ...
  5. Re: Do I have to wean baby because he has to go to daycare?

    I live in Canada, where many moms take 12 mos of parental leave and are then putting their 10-18 mos old in day care for the first time. What I see/hear time and time again is what a difficult...
  6. Re: Ben and Jerry's MM Ice Cream??!?

    that is awesome. not that i necessarily want to buy human milk ice cream, but they have a totally valid point. when you think about it, drinking cow's milk is weirder, but we're all used to it. ...
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    Re: Do we need cow's milk?

    I think they all do this. Sometimes (as in, when I think of it beforehand) I left my DS hold a toy and that keeps his hands busy. The nursing necklaces look great, although I've never tried it...
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    Re: Personalized sippy cup labels

    i am a huge fan of mabel's labels! they go through the dishwasher (or washing machine for other items) and are UV proof. i use them on everything for my three kids, and they last forever. plus...
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    Re: plates, forks, etc

    haha, my DS3 does the same!

    i always gave them utensils from day one, and eventually they just started using them. I don't give bowls or plates too often, since they usually end up on the floor,...
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    Re: night weaning- dr jay gordon

    i did it at 15 mos and it worked for us. it took three nights, and it was pretty rough but it was ok after that. he did wake up early after that though, even though he slept more than 8 hours. i...
  11. Re: small baby and dealing with criticism

    Just to add one thing to all the other great posts here - make sure that the pump you're using is adequate for the amount of pumping you're doing. Many single pumps are only meant to be used...
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    Re: I Remember...

    The parents of a baby I used to babysit as a teenager used to leave sugar water too. I'm still not sure what it was supposed to be for? I know FF babies need water so they don't get constipated,...
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    Re: What To Expect The Toddler Years

    There was a similar thread on the pregnancy book... personally, I think they are terrible books and can't for the life of me figure out why they are so popular. I received them as gifts when I was...
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    Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    My son is 17 months and eats frequently, but not a lot at a time. I do home daycare and I have two other toddlers in care - all three are within a month in age - and it's amazing the variation in...
  15. Re: does all night nursing ever stop on its own?

    It really depends on the child. My first one stopped night-nursing on his own by 8 or 9 mos (and slept 14 hrs, man did I think I was an awesome mom! :P ), my second child stopped just after the age...
  16. Re: Confused about nursing and whole milk

    I completely agree with the PP. The only milk people need is people milk :) Although in North America many people choose to use cow's milk as a convenient source of calcium and vitamins, it's not...

    I'm on Celebrex, and I called MotherRisk and they said it's proven safe (as are most NSAIDs). It's worth a call about your specific meds, b/c often Drs will just tell you not to BF because they're...
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    Re: Confused with block feeding

    Also, it can take anywhere from six weeks to three months for your supply to even out... at the beginning many people have enough milk for an army of babies. With DS3 I was still engorged, leaking,...
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    Re: White/light colored poop

    My DS2 had a bowel problem that started around age 2 and lasted for 1-1.5 years. It took a looooooong time to find out what the problem was, but it turned out he was missing a digestive enzyme and...
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    Re: Tying to Wean?

    Also, you'll want to make sure you're using the right kind of pump for the frequency that you're pumping. Many inexpensive pumps are for 'occasional use' and do not cycle enough to maintain milk...
  21. Re: Help! Need to wean my 17mo due to pregnancy & cerclage

    In addition to the info from the PPs links, I would also suggest you try to start nursing your LO at the beginning of you bedtime routine instead of the end. Since you have about a month until you...
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    Re: 3 day trip

    I am facing the same thing. We are planning a trip this summer for four days. DS will be 18 mos. I have a pump I can bring, so I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about how DS will last four...
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    Re: Is this true???

    those books are total hogwash. i once read an article that referred to it as "What To Expect When You're Expecting Someone To Break Into Your House and Steal All Your Stuff" :P

    mine also went...
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    Re: How should I handle this?

    I give my DS a sippy cup of EBM when he is playing for those moments. He's not really hungry at that time, but maybe he's a little thirsty (2 or 3 oz will last all day). He keeps it with his toys...
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    Re: Uneven breasts! Help!

    I had the same problem after weaning my second son. My left side was larger and continued to make milk for a long time after weaning. It took about a year, but they eventually evened out.
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