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    Re: Oversupply problem. Which pacifier?

    I use Avent and MAM. I had noticed an increase in fussiness and coming on/off breast once I introduced it though and was concerned about nipple confusion so be warned it's a possibility. My main...
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    Re: nipple confusion...help please

    I had some similar issues when I introduced the pacifier. But for me I now realise I just found it harder to read her hunger signs with a dummy and was trying to make her feed when she didn't want to...
  3. Re: ameda lactaline and microwave sterilising?

    sorry it's the horns part and valves i'd like to sterilise but don't want to break it! does anyone microwave sterilise these parts?

    lehall thanks for your reply - i've read about not needing to...
  4. ameda lactaline and microwave sterilising?

    Hi I'm new here!

    Have just got ameda dual electric pump. box says not suitable for microwave sterilisation!! what a pain. does anyone know if this is really the case? i want to use those medela...
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